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Burger King Corporation to change its name to "Chicken King Corporation"

The "HOME OF THE WHOPPER®" Becomes "HOME OF THE CHICKEN WHOPPER™" in groundbreaking move

Miami, FL – April 1, 2002 – Burger King Corporation, the HOME OF THE WHOPPER® and now the HOME OF THE CHICKEN WHOPPER™ sandwich, has changed its name to Chicken King Corporation, effective today. Chickens will now rule at the company known for flame-broiling and juicy hamburgers.

Chicken King Corporation unveiled its new CHICKEN KING™ logo today. The logo features the same crescent with familiar blue, red and goldenrod colors, but the angled lettering now reads “CHICKEN KING™”. Chicken King Corporation said it will begin installing new signage for its restaurants within the next few weeks with plans to have all restaurants outfitted with the new CHICKEN KING™ logo by 2004. A new line of “spokes chickens” will also grace television screens everywhere as new advertising is planned as well, including a modification to the brand tagline -- @CK (Chicken King) You Got It! The company will unveil its new logo and new spokes chickens in today’s USA TODAY.

“Renaming our company Chicken King Corporation is a serious important decision. It’s something we considered very carefully,” said Christopher E. Clouser, executive vice president and chief global marketing officer, Chicken King Corporation. “The BURGER KING® brand is one of America’s greatest brands recognized around the world as the home to America’s favorite burger, the original WHOPPER®. However, consumer reaction to our CHICKEN WHOPPER™ sandwich has been so overwhelmingly positive that it was obvious to our executive team that we should consider this name change to CHICKEN KING™.

“After years of consumer input, testing, tasting and sampling chicken sandwiches, we have finally found a chicken sandwich that is worthy of the WHOPPER® brand name. Clearly, today is a great day to be a chicken lover. This flame-broiled chicken sandwich is quickly becoming an American favorite, just like the original WHOPPER®,” Clouser said.
“While some members of our executive team were reluctant about the idea of changing our name, customers told us in focus groups that the CHICKEN WHOPPER™ was so good, that we should change our name. Hey, who were we to argue? We hope no one gets their feathers ruffled over this,” said Clouser.

A Lot to Cluck About
Chicken King Corporation is also launching a new series of advertisements to tout the CHICKEN WHOPPER™ sandwich line. The ads feature animated marching chickens clucking the popular jingle, “Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don’t upset us…” “These animated characters tell the world that CHICKEN KING® restaurants have a chicken sandwich worthy of the WHOPPER® brand name,” said Clouser. “We spent more than six months trying to train 1,200 chickens to march, but they were a lot tougher to herd than cats so we went with the animated characters instead.” Chicken King Corporation and Amoeba, based in Los Angeles, CA, created the ads.

About Chicken King Corporation
Chicken King Corporation was founded in 1954 as Burger King Corporation and created the American icon, the HOME OF THE WHOPPER®, in 1957. The company and its franchisees operate more than 11,435 restaurants in all 50 states and 57 countries and international territories around the world, with more than 92% of CHICKEN KING® restaurants owned and operated by independent franchisees. Since the company's founding in Miami in 1954, the BURGER KING® brand, now the CHICKEN KING™ brand, has become recognized for great flame-broiled taste and HAVE IT YOUR WAY® food customization. In fiscal year 2001, the CHICKEN KING™ system had system-wide sales of $11.2 billion. Chicken King Corporation is a part of Diageo (NYSE: DEO), the international food and drinks company.