Writers need proof for their claims. You need to be adept at finding that proof quickly and from accurate sources. Provide BOTH the answer to the question and URL (web address) where you found the answer. You may not find your answers in articles on newspaper/media sites. If you do not provide the answer, you will not receive full credit. If I cannot locate the answer on the exact URL you provided, you will receive no credit. You may not work with anyone or share answers. You must e-mail me your scavenger hunt by the due date. Please note that you may not use media sites (ABCNews, Washington Post, etc.). YOU MUST FIND ORIGINAL SOURCES. You must use reliable sites, and you must have the latest information out there to receive full credit. Return by email to me by class Sept. 30.

  1. Find a recent poll on Barack Obama. Could be him, could be legislation hes introduced, could be reaction.

  2. A story you are writing details how more students are having to look at local colleges rather than out-of-state because of rising tuition costs. How many undergraduates at Purdue were from Indiana in fall 2014 school year?

  3. You are assigned a story on the continued economic recovery in our area. What was the August 2015 unemployment rate (or latest available) for Lafayette? In Indiana? What was the rate for the United States as a whole?

  4. You are doing a story on a racial incident in Tippecanoe County. Victims blame the attack on a lack of diversity in the county. According to the latest figures available, what percentage of county residents are white? Black? Hispanic?

  5. You are doing a story on whether Purdues efforts to cut down on alcohol-related problems are working. How man DUI arrests were made by Purdue police last year? Is that more or less than the year before?

  6. You have done a story outlining recent health care law changes. Specifically, you have outlined how such changes will affect the elderly in Indiana. One sentence in your story says: "Indiana has a lot of residents 65 or older." How should you rewrite this sentence?

  7. You are doing a story about how students who study abroad are more likely to get a job. How many Purdue Liberal Arts students studied abroad in the 2014-2015 school year.

  8. Indiana announced new guidelines for free/reduced lunches in schools. For your story, how many students at West Lafayette School Corp.s Cumberland Elementary, Lafayette School Corp.s Glen Acres Elementary and Tippecanoe County School Corp.s Mintonye Elementary get free lunch?

  9. You're doing a story on a magazine's decision to call our home one of the most affordable/best places to live. What is the median income of a household in Tippecanoe County? How does this compare to Indiana's median income?

  10. Find the agenda for the next West Lafayette City Council meeting.

  11. You are doing a story on teenage pregnancy in the area. What is the teen birth rate for Tippecanoe County? Indiana? How do they compared to the U.S. as a whole?

  12. One of President Obama's higher education initiatives ties financial aid to graduation rates. You are localizing this story. What is the latest 4-year graduation rate at Purdue? How does that compare to the U.S. rate?

  13. Laura Bukowski is coming to speak on campus to Liberal Arts students. Who is she? What would we include about her in a story we might write previewing her appearance?

  14. You are doing a story on how local candidates are using social media to reach younger audiences with their political messages. You need numbers on these social media networks. For example, how many people use Snapchat?