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Lessons during the school semesters are $25 for students and $35 for non-students. This memberhsip fee includes access to all of the weekly dances, weekly lessons, and discounted pricing for special events. The Google Calendar and weekly email will Be sure to join our Facebook Group for more information!


Level 1

This “I’ve never danced before” series is a progressive introduction to swing dancing. It starts with single step east coast swing and catapults you to lindy hop. What does that mean? It’s flippin’ awesome. Choose between the two sections below, or come to both and really get that practice in.

Open Track

Open track starts at the beginner level of an idea and goes of several weeks. After that, a new "module" happens and anyone can start the lesson! From line dances, to St. Louis Shag, we'll be trying to offer a variety of lessons based on demand and instructor availability. Let us know what you want to learn! Pay attention to the emails to see when modules start and what they're about.

     Time, location, and day will vary - check the emails for updates!
     Instructors will vary.

Swing Practicum

Come practice and refine your dance moves at our weekly swing practicums with other dancers! Practicums will also have instructors there to provide help and guidance.

Level 2

If you know how to swingout, come here! This series will focus on expanding your vocabulary as well as improving your foundation. Basically, more moves for more fun!


Level 1

Blues dancing is a modern term used to describe a family of historical dances that developed alongside and danced to blues music, or the contemporary dances that are danced in that aesthetic - well that is what Wikipedia says anyway.

Level 2

Blues level 2 is the step after blues level 1! If you've had a semester's worth or two of blues, this could be for you!

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