Nirajan Mandal

Office: PHYS 361, Purdue University

Lab: PHYS G61, Purdue University

Email: nmandal@purdue.edu


• Purdue University, IN
PhD candidate, Department of Physics and Astronomy
• Kenyon College, OH
B.A. Physics and Mathematics with concentration in Scientific Computing
• Budhanilkantha School, Nepal


Technical Skills

Optical Characterization: Kerr rotation, micro-Raman spectroscopy, Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (VASE), infrared (IR) VASE, PhotoLuminescence (PL), absorption spectroscopy, optical tweezers, confocal microscopy
Other Characterization: X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), electrical transport, Atomic-Force Microscopy (AFM), Electron Spin Resonance (ESR), Electron Nuclear DOuble Resonance (ENDOR), Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM), Variable Temperature Insert (VTI)
Instrumentation: Optical assembly, laser operation and maintenance (Continuous wavelength and Broadband tunable pulsed laser), light detection, cryogenics (Liquid Nitrogen and Helium), low temperature measurement, high vacuum systems, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design, RF electronics, machine shop
Programming/ Coding: C++ (MPI and data structure), Python, Matlab, LabVIEW, HTML, LATEX
Data Analysis/ Visualization: Origin, Igor, Maple, Mathematica, Minitab, SAS, gnuplot
Design Software: AutoCAD, Photoshop, GIMP, Final Cut Pro., Audio Pro.


(1) W. Park, X. Li, N. Mandal, X. Ruan, and Y. P. Chen, "Compressive mechanical response of graphene foams and their thermal resistance with copper interfaces", APL Materials 5, 036102 (2017) (pdf)
(2) K. Ramadoss, N. Mandal, X. Dai, Z. Wan, Y. Zhou, L. Rokhinson, Y. P. Chen, J. Hu and S. Ramanathan, "Sign reversal of magnetoresistance in perovskite nickelates by electron doping", Physical Review B, 94, 235124 (2016) (pdf)
(3) N. Mandal, F. C. Peiris, O. Maksimov and M.C. Tamargo, "Far-infrared dielectric functions and phonon spectra of BexZn1-xTe alloys determined by spectroscopic ellipsometry," Solid State Communications, 149, 1698 (2009) (pdf)
(4) S. Wong, O. Kiowski, M. Kappes, J. K. N. Lindner, N. Mandal, F. C. Peiris, G. A. Ozin, M. Thiel, M. Braun, M. Wegener, and G. Freymann, "Spatially localized photoluminescence at 1.5 micrometers wavelength in direct laser written optical nanostructures," Adv. Material, 20, 4097 (2008) (pdf)
(5) W. Park, H. Wang, S. Zhang, X. Li, Y. Kim, N. Mandal, X. Ruan, C. Hacker, H. Wang and Y. P. Chen, "Highly sensitive non-enzymatic glucose sensors based on nanocrystalline copper oxide and graphene foam hybrid structures", (submitted)
(6) N. Mandal, I. Mitkowski, M. M. Glazov, Z. Chen and Y. P. Chen, "Electric field induced Kerr Rotation in Bi_2Te_2Se_1", (manuscript in preparation)
(7) N. Mandal, K. Ramadoss, Y. Zhou, S. Ramanathan and Y. P. Chen, "Symmetry breaking in electron doped SmNiO3: Observation of infrared phonon modes in Raman spectrum", (manuscript in preparation)


(1) N. Mandal, I. Mitkowski, M. Glazov, Y. Chen, "Current induced Optical Activity in Topological Insulator Bi2Te2Se1," BAPS.2016.MAR.P29.11 - APS March Meeting, Baltimore, MD (2016)
(2) K. Ramadoss, N. Mandal, Y. Zhou, Y. Chen, S. Ramanathan, "Transport and Raman signatures of electron-doped SmNiO3 thin films," BAPS.2016.MAR.C19.6 - APS March Meeting, Baltimore, MD (2016)
(3) N. Mandal, I. Mitkowski, Y. Chen,"Observation of Current induced Optical Kerr Rotation in Topological Insulators," BAPS.2015.MAR.J7.9 - APS March Meeting, San Antonio, TX (2015)
(4) N. Mandal, F. C. Peiris, O. Maksimov and M. Tamargo, "IR-Dielectric functions of ZnBeTe alloys determined by spectroscopic ellipsometry," BAPS.2009.MAR.S1.155 - APS March Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA (2009) (Poster-pdf)

Undergraduate Research

• Electron Nuclear Double Resonance (ENDOR) on P1 Centers in Diamond, Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP) at Ohio State University, OH, with P. Chris Hammel (Poster-pdf) Summer 2009
• Measuring IR-Dielectric functions of ZnBeTe, Summer Research at Kenyon College, OH with Frank C. Peiris Summer 2008
• Effects on the Optical Properties due to Erbium (Er) Doping in Arsenic Trisulfide (As2S3) thin films, Summer Research at Kenyon College, OH with Frank C. Peiris

Summer 2007


• First place in NSAC graduate student research symposium (Poster) 2016
• Physics ingenuity prize (Kenyon College). Given by the department for creating a system to monitor (online) pressure in the lab. 2009
• John H. Dunlap IV Scholarship (Kenyon College). Awarded to two students by mathematics department for demonstrating excellence in programming and/or use of computer applications. 2008
• Pi Mu Epsilon, National Mathematics Honor Society


Work experiences

  Purdue University

• Lecturer, PHYS 221: General Physics
Summer 2016
• Teaching Assistant (PHYS 220, 221, 344, 522)
2010 - Present

  Kenyon College

• Lead tutor, PHYS 135: General Physics II
Spring 2010
• Lead tutor, lab assistant and grader for PHYS 110: Biophysics
Fall 2009
• Web master for http://peregrinations.kenyon.edu (Online journal of medieval art and architecture for the international society to Study of Pilgrimage Art)
• Tutor for MATH 118, Intro. to programming, C++
• LBIS Helpline Consultant. Helped Kenyon community with computer (software) problems
• LBIS Information Systems Assistant. Worked with Tech. Consultant and Network Security Analyst
  Budhanilkantha School, Kathmandu, Nepal
• Assistant teacher, taught mathematics to grade 4-9 and mechanics to A-Levels

2004 - 2006


  • President of Nepali Society at Purdue University (NEPSAP) 2013-2014
  • Treasurer of Nepali Society at Purdue University (NEPSAP) 2012-2013
  • Founding Webmaster of Nepali Society at Purdue University (NEPSAP) 2011-2012
  • School captain, Budhanilkantha school, Kathmandu, Nepal 2003-2004

Languages: English, Nepali, Maithali (Native) and Hindi

Hobbies: Photography, soccer and classical music