There are a number of ways to get involved with POLE:

+ Come to one of our meetings, or an announced callout.
+ Join the POLE Facebook group.
+ Contact our organization.

Recent Press Notices
+ 18-February: POLE Action Notice and Public Address. [Open PDF]

Welcome to the homepage for POLE, the Purdue Organization for Labor Equality. Our members use our power as students to fight for workers' rights locally and around the world.

At present, our very vocal campaign is in support of the Designated Suppliers Program (DSP), a plan that uses our power as students to ensure fair wages and proper treatment of workers in the university apparel industry. Since Purdue University has not adopted the DSP, our group is very active in convincing our administration to sign on.

We not only invite, but encourage you to get involved by subscribing to our e-mail list, participating in a POLE event, or coming to one of our weekly meetings.

[20-Feb-08] - Purdue to host a worker tour featuring sweat shop workers from the Dominican Republic. Krannert G016--7:00pm.

[14-Feb-08] - POLE met with President Cordova and the university's executive cabinet Thursday morning (2/14), and in that meeting the administration made it clear that they were not willing support our anti-sweatshop effort regarding Purdue's branded apparel. POLE has now vowed to step up their campaign on campus in strong support of this critical human rights program.

[12-Feb-08] - Brown University and Regent University (Colorado) become schools number 39 and 40 to sign onto the DSP.


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