EAS 105
A Journey Through Space and Time

Prof. R.L. Nowack
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
CIVIL Engineering Bldg.
Room 2275, 494-5978
TA:  Bharath Kainkaryam, Room 2295, 494-0256
Secretary - Kathy Kincade, Room 2169-D, 494-5984

EAS 105 Class information on the net:  http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~nowack/eas105.html

TEXTBOOK:   Morrison, D. and T. Owen, The Planetary System (2003), (3rd Edition), Brooks/Cole


Abell, G., D. Morrison and S. Wolff, Exploration of the Universe (1993), (6th Edition), Saunders

Beatty, J. and A. Chaikin (Eds.), The New Solar System (1999), (4th Edition), Cambridge Univ. Press.

Christensen, E. and W. Hamblin, Exploring the Planets (1995), (2nd Edition), Prentice-Hall

Consolmagno, G. and N. Schaefer, Worlds Apart (1994), Prentice Hall

Cortright, E. (Ed.), Apollo Expeditions to the Moon (1975), NASA, Wash. DC

Fraknoi, A., D. Morrison and S. Wolff, Voyages to the Planets (2001), (2nd edition), Saunders College Publishing

Greeley, R., Planetary Landscapes (1994), (2nd Edition), Chapman & Hall

Hartmann, W.K., Moons and Planets (1998), Wadsworth

Morrison, D., Exploring Planetary Worlds (1993), W.H. Freeman

Seeds, M.A., The Solar System (2007) (5rd Edition), Thomson.

Sheehan, W., Worlds in the Sky (1992), Univ. Arizona Press


(Additional readings may be checked out from Kathy Kincade (2 hour limit, ID required) in Room 2169-D, Civil Engineering Building.  Material not available between 11:30-12:30.  Material must be returned by 4:30PM.


1)    Lecture

2)    Reading Assignments

3)    Exams:

          a.     1st Midterm                                                               (24% of grade)
                      b.    2nd Midterm                                                              (24%)
                      c.     Final                Exam week                                       (26%)

4)    Quizzes, 3-4, un-announced                                               (10%)
                   (10 minutes at end of class period)

5)    Homework Sets (5-6)                                                         (16%)