Assistant Research Professor
Center for Global Trade Analysis
Department of Agricultural Economics
Purdue University



My research program has two main thrusts: global land use and international trade. I focus on understanding the response of world food markets to sudden supply and demand disruptions in specific regions of the world. I have a particular interest in the policy options for mitigating the price effects of such disruptions and I am currently conducting research on how trade policies interact with adaptation and other mitigation policies in the wake of global-scale climate anomalies such as El NiƱo. I am also interested in the field of trade and the environment with a specific focus on the determinants of cross-country land use and patterns. This interest has expanded my research program into the field of global land use where I am currently using spatial econometrics and globally gridded data to estimate land supply elasticities. Graduate students under my suspervision work in these two areas; if interested, in working with us get more info here.

I am also involved in two major outreach programs in our Department: The Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) and GEOSHARE (See our website, functional, but still in pilot mode), both of which are closely integrated with my research program. I direct (and teach in) the GTAP Short Course, a twelve-week program focused on the principles of computable general equilibrium analysis that combines on-line and on-site instruction and caters to a diverse set of users in academia, government and international organizations. Check out our website for further details.

Curriculum Vitae.

Working Papers:

Villoria, N. B. and Jing Liu 2015. ""Using continental grids to improve our understanding of global land supply responses: Implications for policy-driven land use changes in the Americas". Under review. .

Villoria, N. B. and Elliot W. Mghenyi 2015. "The impacts of India's food security policies on South Asian wheat and rice markets. Under review. .


Land Use Change:

Byerlee, D., Stevenson, J., Villoria, N. B., 2014. "Does Intensification Slow Crop Land Expansion or Encourage Deforestation? Global Food Security DOI: 10.1016/j.gfs.2014.04.001. .

Villoria, N. B., Byerlee, D., Stevenson, J. 2014. "The Effects of Technological Progress in Agriculture on Deforestation: What do we really know? Applied Economic Policy and Perspectives 36(2): 211-237 .

Villoria, N. B., Gollub, A., Byerlee, D., Stevenson, J. 2013. Will Yield Improvements on the Forest Frontier Reduce Green House Gas Emissions ? A Global Analysis of Oil PalmAmerican Journal of Agricultural Economics. 95(5): 1301-1308.

Stevenson, J.R., Villoria, N.B., Byerlee, D., Kelley, T. Maredia, M. 2013. “Green Revolution research saved an estimated 18 to 27 million hectares from being brought into agricultural production.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110(21): 8363-8368.

Villoria, N.B. and Hertel, T.W. 2011. “ Geography Matters: International Trade Patterns and the Indirect Land Use Effects of Biofuels.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 93(4): 919-935.


International Trade, Developing Countries, and Food Prices:

Villoria, N.B. 2012. “The effects of China's Growth on the Food Prices and Food Exports of other Developing Countries.Agricultural Economics,43(5): 499-514. PDF, SI.

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Software and Data:

AgMIP Tool: A tool for aggregating outputs from the AgMIP's Global Gridded Crop Model Intercomparison Project.

FlexAgg2: An Improved Version of the Data Aggregation Program FlexAgg.

Current (& Recent) Projects:

The World Bank. ``Impact of India's Food Price Management and Food Trade Policies on South-Asia Agricultural Production Consumption, and Trade.'' (PI)

ILSI Research Foundation. ``Developing Cyber-Infrastructure for GEOSHARE: Geospatial Open Source Hosting of Agriculture, Resource \& Environmental Data for Discovery and Decision Making.'' (Co-PI)

National Science Foundation. ``CIF21 DIBBs: Integrating Geospatial Capabilities into HUBzero.'' (Co-PI)

Purdue Global Policy Research Institute. ``Global Food Price Volatility and Climate Change: Understanding Policy Options and their Trade-Offs''. (PI)

USDA ERS. GEOSHARE: Geospatial Open Source Hosting of Agriculture, Resource and Environmental Data.(Co-PI)

Department for International Development, UK Government. ``GEOSHARE: Geospatial Open Source Hosting of Agriculture, Resource and Environmental Data.'' (Co-PI)

Electric Power Research Institute. ``Global Agriculture and Forestry Greenhouse Gas and Renewable Energy Research.'' (Co-PI)