Opportunities in the lab

Postdoctoral scholars

I do not currently have funding for additional postdoctoral scholars in my lab, but I encourage prospective postdoctoral scholars to contact me to discuss funding opportunities. I also welcome enquiries from postdoctoral scholars with their own funding.

Graduate students

I encourage students to develop independent projects within the main research interests in the lab using Arabidopsis or other well established study systems. If you are interested in discussing graduate opportunities with me please email me and indicate: your research interests; your specific interest in our lab (versus somewhere else); and your career goals. Please also include a copy of your CV with GPA and percentile GRE scores. Please be advised that I am looking for highly motivated, independent students, and I strongly encourage prospective students to read through some of the papers on the publications page before contacting me.

I am part of the Integrative Plant Science Training Group in the PULSe Interdisciplinary Life Science program at Purdue. I will strongly encourage prospective students to apply to this program. The program provides funding for the first year as students rotate through a few labs, giving students interdisciplinary exposure and training. The Center for Plant Biology recently finished hiring 10 new faculty members, most of whom are PULSe members, so it is a very exciting time at Purdue to research big questions across different levels of biological organization.

Underaduate students

We have many opportunities for undergraduates in the lab. I welcome enquiries from students interested in independent research, either for credit (BTNY 49800), or just because they want to do science!

I also have an opening in my lab for a paid undergraduate assistant position starting fall 2017. If you are interested in this position, please contact me for more details.