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For a brief description of the courses below check out Purdue Linguistics Course Catalogue and LC Linguistics Course Catalogue

I will teach the following courses in the fall 2016

LC 261/LING 201: Introduction to the Linguistic Study of Foreign Languages
A broad overview of language and the psychological and social phenomena associated with its use.

LING 511/ENG 513: Phonology I: Descriptive Analysis
Introductory graduate course in phonology.

Other courses I teach

LC 679/LING 68: Methods of Experimental Research
An overview of experimental methods used in linguistic research. [sample syllabus]

LING 598/LC 596: Phonetics of Second Language Acquisition
A special topic seminar on the acoustic and perceptual properties of speech produced by and addressed to non-native speakers. [sample syllabus]

LING 512: Phonology II: Theoretical Approaches 
Advanced graduate course in phonological theory and analysis. [sample syllabus]

LING 598/LC 596: Acoustics of Speech
Introductory graduate course in acoustics of speech and acoustic phonetics.
Praat lab.
[sample syllabus]

LING 321: Foundations of Syntax and Semantics
Introductory undergraduate course in foundations of syntax and semantics. [sample syllabus]

LING 311: Fundamentals of Phonology and Morphology
Introductory undergraduate course in phonology and morphology. [sample syllabus]