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Meetings are held each Sunday. Typically a different topic is covered weekly such as grounding and centering, holiday celebrations, circle casting and many other things. Discussion is open to the group. If you have an idea or method you want to share you're free to jump right into the discussion. The more the merrier! If you aren't part of our Yahoo group, but want to come check out a meeting you can find our meeting location on the paper with the student meetings listed at the end of most halls in Stewart Center. Sometimes the room varies from week to week, so it's safer to check the paper or sign up for our weekly reminder on Yahoo. Meetings start at 7p.m.

7:00p.m. on Sundays
Where? Stewart Hall Room 311

                 (with the exception of field trips or unless 
                   otherwise specified in blue)


Tentative Topics for Fall 2015

Date Topic
September 11th at 3:00pm Hiking trip        Clegg Memorial Gardens
September 13th Callout




Other Events

Tarot Tables

What is tarot? Tarot is a method of divination that uses cards (like playing cards) with specific meanings and interpretations. By choosing a prescribed number of cards or creating a particular layout (the way in which you place the cards on the table) these cards allow you to gain insight into questions or requests you might have. Tarot readings can help provide guidance to steer you in the correct direction, or to give you further explanations of current situations and circumstances. Generally tarot readings aren't necessarily used to answer yes or no questions, but rather to provide insight to more open-ended questions. An example may be: "If I continue on my current path what obstacles might I run into?" The outcomes of these readings are not set in stone. The results simply show that most likely given the current circumstances this is what is possible or likely to occur if you continue on your current path or course of action.


On Wednesdays some of our members meet in the Union to give tarot readings to the public. Everyone is welcome to come and get a reading done. You don't have to be knowledgeable about tarot in order to receive a reading. Donations are highly encouraged, but not required. This is used as a fundraiser to help fund our organization's activities and supplies. We're located at one of the two tables by the main door to the dining area of the Union.

Tarot Cards


When? 12:30 to 5:00 p.m. on Wednesdays
Where? Purdue Memorial Union at the table by the door




Display Cases

On Mondays we set up a display case in Stewart Hall for others to see. You can see some of the past display cases below. Just use the scrollbar to browse through them. If you are helping set up the display case you need to pick up the key from the events office in the Union before 4:30PM on the Monday of the week we're scheduled to have a display case. Check with one of the PAN officers for display case dates. The key needs to be returned to the events office by noon on Tuesday. To clear out the display case you need to pick up the key again on the following Monday from when we were assigned a case. This needs to be done on time (before noon) so that our items are not tossed into the trash.

To find the events office: If you are heading into the Union from Stewart (the Northeastern entrance), head up the stairs to the main floor. Then, make a left. It's the first office on the left with glass doors labeled "Scheduling and Events Office" or something similar. If you have any questions please contact our Staff Advisor or President.



Other Events

For information on more activities and events check out our Facebook page by clicking here!