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Hello and welcome to the Purdue Pagan Academic Network! This school organization provides an inviting environment to discuss all things Pagan and some things not so Pagan but still fun. If you're simply curious or looking to come out of the broom closet you are free to attend a meeting and see what you think. For more information check out our events page or join our Yahoo group for weekly reminders of meeting times and locations. The link for the Yahoo group is listed on our links page. The group is set to private because we share personal information such as phone numbers and addresses, but if you come to a meeting we can hook you up with Yahoo group membership. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to e-mail us!



About Us

PAN was recognized as a legal student group by Purdue on September 21, 1992. This organization was created for the purpose of bringing together the solitary practitioners of paganism, and gives them a place to share their traditions with other people of a similar world view. PAN acts to provide networking information regarding upcoming events of interest to the local pagan community. The members of PAN also attempt to clear up any misconceptions regarding the modern pagan traditions.

You need not be Pagan to be a part of PAN. We have several Christian, Agnostic, and Atheist members. The goal of PAN is to create a safe, open environment for the discussion of ideas. The only thing we require is that anyone who visits our meetings must be respectful of other's ideas and religious beliefs.