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Industrial Distribution (ID)

The Industrial Distribution program is designed to prepare students with the skills needed to serve the distribution industry, one of the largest and fastest growing industrial segments in the United States and abroad. Because global competition is commonplace in today's economy, manufacturers and distributors of industrial products require professionals with broad skills that can manage operations efficiently and cost effectively. Purdue's Industrial Distribution program provides students with the skills needed to excel in this environment.

This program is designed to produce technical problem solvers with business and supply chain knowledge tailored specifically for the distribution industry. Purdue's program has also established strong relationships with industry trade groups.

Required technology courses include courses in material science, computer graphics, manual and automated manufacturing processes, computer programming, and automatic identification and data capture.

Required courses in business and distribution management include industrial organization, marketing, industrial sales and sales management, warehouse and inventory control, logistics, supply chain management, accounting and finance, computer programming and human resource management.

The Industrial Distribution program is accredited by the National Association of Industrial Technology (NAIT). The placement rate of Industrial Distribution graduates is between 98%-100%.


Typical ID Positions
Typical ID Employers
ID Student Knowledge

- Supply Chain Operations Manager
- Purchasing/Procurement Agent
- Industrial Sales Engineer
- Distribution Manager
- Logistics Analyst
- Material Handling Manager
- Warehouse Manager
- Technical Sales Manager

- Accenture Consulting
- Airgas
- Allison Gas Turbine
- Applied Industrial Technologies
- Avnet
- Boeing
- Carrier-United Technologies
- Case Corporation
- Caterpillar
- Celadon
- Chrysler Automotive
- Cummins Engine
- Fastenal
- Ferguson Enterprises

- Ford Motor Company
- General Electric
- General Motors
- Grainger
- MilacronTechnologies
- Raytheon Corporation
- Rockwell Automation
- Shelter Distribution
- Subaru-Isuzu Automotive
- Texas Instruments
- Trane
- WinWholesale

- Manufacturing and production processes
- Technical sales management and marketing
- Distribution operations management
- Warehousing and materials handling
- Supply chain management and purchasing systems
- Financial transactions in the distribution industry
- Principles of economics, accounting, and finance
- Automatic identification
- Data capture technologies in Manufacturing
- Industrial computer systems and e-commerce
- Automated manufacturing processes
- Safety management concepts and techniques
- Statistical process control
- Energy conversion