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PAID Points

“PAID Points” is a tool utilized by PAID Purdue Chapter which presents members with an incentive for being actively involved in the PAID organization.


All official members who attend 3/4 company visits per month AND attend ALL member meetings in the given month, automatically get to attend the monthly Buffalo Wild Wings dinner as well as special PAID functions. For those members who have missed more than one company visit in a month and/or did not attend all the meetings in a given month, a "Member Attendance Spreadsheet" will be utilized to determine the amount of points the member has accrued over the course of the semester.

Member Attendance Spreadsheet:

This spreadsheet contains the amount of PAID points the official member has accrued and is kept at the discretion of a delegated PAID officer. After each PAID event, this officer will inform each member of their PAID Point status via email.

Point Distribution:

Attend one member meeting:
- 15 Points

Attend one company visit:
- 25 Points

Attend one Miscellaneous P.A.I.D. event (Bowling, Grill, Fun Activity):
- 5 Points

Using PAID Points:

If a Member has accrued at least 105 Points (Equivalent to 3/4 company visits and 2 member meetings), the member may use those points to attend the Buffalo Wild Wings Dinner and a PAID special function. The cost of the dinner and/or a special function is 105 Points. If the member does not attend the dinner, the points are saved and can be used another time.

To find out your specific PAID Point Status, please contact PAID Points Delegated Officer.