PAPA Constitution:

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Article I: Name
The name of this organization is the Purdue Automotive Performance Association also referred to as PAPA.

Article II: Purpose
The purpose of PAPA is to share knowledge possessed by individuals as an organization so others learn topics related to automotive performance. Secondly, PAPA is available to help members in accomplishing automotive tasks. Finally, PAPA will initiate group activities and functions for the University and the club.

Article III: Definition
Membership and participation are free from discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, disability, or status as a disabled or Vietnam-era veteran. Only currently registered Purdue University students are eligible for active membership in the organization. Purdue University faculty and staff are eligible for adjunct membership.
Expulsion will only occur after a legitimate reason has been presented and all officers votes to expel that person and 75% of attendance also votes to expel.

Article IV: Officers
PAPA Officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Webmaster. All officers are elected by a majority vote of those present at the meeting when the election occurs, with the exception of the Vice President who is appointed as the candidate for President with the second-highest vote count. Term of length for all offices is one semester, though re-election is allowed. All officers must have been active members for the two semesters prior to the election.

Article V: Officer Duties
The President or Vice-President and the Secretary must be at every official PAPA meeting. Additional duties specific to each office are listed below.

President – Holds agenda for each meeting, can call or cancel meetings, is head of club functions, is responsible for overall organization and operation of club.
Vice President – Performs duties of the President when an absence of said officer occurs.
Secretary – Keeps record of events, keeps meeting minutes and attendance.
Treasurer – Maintains bank accounts, deposits the organization funds, makes expenditures in manner approved by the Business Office for Student Organizations, can present financial statements upon request.
Webmaster – Maintains the club’s Internet presence through website, bulletin board, and e-mail maintenance.

Article VI: Membership
Membership in PAPA is divided into two categories, Active and Adjunct, as detailed below:

Active Member – An active member is one who has paid their dues for the current semester. Active members have all rights of membership including voting at meetings and access to PAPA members-only functions.
Adjunct Member – An adjunct member is a member of the club who pays dues but is not a student at Purdue. These members must have ties to Purdue either as faculty/staff or alumni. Adjunct members have access to PAPA members-only functions such as the call-out car shows but do not have voting rights at meetings.

Article VII: Amendments
All amendments to the constitution and bylaws are subject to the approval of the Office of the Dean of Students.
All amendments must be approved by 75% of active members in attendance and all of the officers of the club.


Article I: Election Procedures
A special meeting will be called within two weeks of the beginning of each University semester, excluding summer sessions. Officers will be nominated and elected from existing members by majority vote of active members from the previous semester. Officers will be in office no more than one semester unless reelected. In reelection, officers will serve no more than one consecutive reelection term.

Article II: Application and Selection of New Members
New candidates will be welcomed to PAPA after invitation through call-outs at the beginning of each semester. Additional candidates seeking membership later in the semester will be welcomed, however are subject to new member selection procedures.

New candidates will be teamed with others to form a presentation group of three to four candidates. Candidate teams will select topics, which must be automotive performance related and approved by 75% of the active members present. Dates for presentation will be determined and must be completed as soon as practical during the semester.

Upon completion of presentation and approval by at least 75% of active members present, the candidate will become a member of PAPA.