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by Petrônio Bendito

Software: B@uhaus SoftCanvas

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The B@uhaus SoftCanvas allows quick hands-on color experimentation: Color properties, Interaction of colors, color harmony principles, etc.

Color selection in this software is based on the 'RGB3 Hue and Tone Chart' and the 'RGB3 Hue Chart'. The checkerboard pattern is an adaptation of Johannes Itten's color theory teaching methods.

Below are some color experiments developed by students using the B@uhaus SoftCanvas:

1. Composition using gray scale. Same composition in color

2. Studies in high, mid and low values.

3. Birren's color harmony: color, shade and black

4. Birren's color harmony: color, tint and white

5. Observing gradation and blending structures in nature


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Detailed Information on Itten's teaching methodologies can be found in the book: Itten: The Elements of Color.


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