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ART 302: Color [Online Version]
School of Art/Northern Illinois University
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The web site 'ART 302: Color [online version]' was fundamental component of the color theory course taught by Bendito at Northern Illinois University. The course took advantages of interactive multimedia capabilites to provide students with animation, color informational graphics, and web communication tools.

Course Overview: In this course, students studied color theories that have impacted the fields of art and design. Aided by computer-based tools, students had the opportunity to simulate and analyze color harmony and contrast, color interaction effects, and color expression.

Course Structure: The course was taught in the lecture/lab/discussion/critique format. During each lesson, students had the opportunity to simulate, observe and analyze various color theories using the B@auhaus SoftCanvas. The critique component of the course consisted of face-to-face and asynchronous web-based discussions. The theories and their implications in the real world were emphasized.

Bendito's upcoming article reflecting on "distance learning, web-enhanced education and the teaching of art will be published by the IVLA Book of Readings this quarter. For a preview of the article see pdf file below:

"From Paint To Bytes: A Web-Enhanced Approach To Teaching Color Theory" by Petronio A. Bendito.

This course site won the"Best educational web site" and "Best integration of graphics and/or multimedia in a site" at the NIU 2001 Web Awards, promoted by the 'Faculty Development & Instructional Design Center/NIU'.

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