by Petrônio Bendito
RGB3 Hue Charts

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The RGB3 Hue Chart perceptually organizes digital colors into discernible color families. The primaries Red (R), Green(G) and Blue(B); the secondaries Cyan (C), Magenta (M), and Yellow(Y); and the tertiaries (i.e. Red-Yellow) are visually mapped into distinct color groups.

Visualization Diagrams
Below are four color charts showing the relationship of the yellow color family in relation to the Perceptual Notation System, the RGB3 color Wheel and the RGB3 Hue and Tone Chart. Similar procedures implied by the visualization below were used to group the other color families.



Additional Visualization Resources:

  1. Click here to view a color chart with tertiary colors

  2. See the entire hue families in the B@uhaus SoftCanvas
    Note: Click on the Hue (H) tab in the B@uhaus SoftCanvas.


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