by Petrônio Bendito

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About the Author

Petronio A. Bendito is an associate professor of visual communications design at the Division of Art and Design at Purdue University. He served on the board of the International Visual Literacy Association for several years. He has a doctoral degree with a focus on Instructional Technology from Northern Illinois University.

Bendito has done extensive research on the perceptual structure of the RGB Color Cube and its potential as a cognitive tool.

Bendito's current projects include the development of a RGB Perceptual Notation System, the RGB Cube hue and tone color charts, a color theory web site, and a software used in the teaching of color theory.

His article on the RGB color cube visualization and computer-based color design can be found online at the Journal of Design Communications/Spring 2000. His upcoming article reflecting on "distance learning, web-enhanced education and the teaching of art will be published by the IVLA Book of Readings this quarter. For a preview of the article see pdf file below:

"From Paint To Bytes: A Web-Enhanced Approach To Teaching Color Theory" by Petronio A. Bendito.

Petronio Bendito can be reached at For information about his recent art project, visit:

For Bendito's RGB art projects at YouTube, click here.

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