by Petrônio Bendito

About the Project

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This project focuses on the design and implementation of new approaches and methodologies that incorporate computer-based instruction in the teaching of color theory. A main component of this project is the exploration of the RGB Color cube as a cognitive artifact.

The following assumption has guided this project:

If artists and designers dealing with electronic color are able to comprehend the RGB color cube and access different geometric structures of the cube, and if those geometric structures support reasoned design decisions, then the configuration of the RGB Color Cube would serve not only as a place holder for a mathematical structure that generate computer colors, it would also provide a perceptual model to make color design decisions on the computer screen.

Part of this project has been implemented at the School of Art at Northern Illinois University to teach a computer-based color theory course (1998-2001).

At Purdue University, supported by the Dean's Incentive Grant, digital color design based on this research is in the process of being incorporated as part of the Visual Communications Design courses: A&D 318 and A&D 319.

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