About Us

Who We Are:

The Purdue Energy Club is a group of BoilerMakers devoted to discussing and exploring scientifically and economically focused solutions to the energy crisis . We also make a point of reaching out to the rest of the student body to explain why the impending energy crisis, despite being overlooked by many, is the greatest challenge of our time.

Areas of Interest

While we do care about and support small scale individual energy conservation and recycling the Purdue energy club focuses on ways of providing large scale economical energy (Tera-Watt scale). The reason for our emphasis on large scale economical energy production is based on the fact that national prosperity, health, and standards of living are directly linked to energy production and consumption per capita. Unfortunately, with it being the case that fossil fuels are a limited and quickly diminishing resource, new means of energy production must be found in order to continue the world’s upward trend towards higher living standards. These new solutions must also be cheap enough for third world countries to afford because we cannot afford to have 2/3 of the world population continue to live in poverty. Therefore how this large scale sustainable energy will be produced and the social and economical implications of any potential new energy production or distribution method should continue to be the focus of this club.


    Create enthusiasm in a young college population about solving the biggest problem of our day.

    Provide a forum to discuss the feasibility of current energy sources & the feasibility of potential energy sources ten or forty years of R&D down the road.

    Create connections between students interested in these topics and the companies/researchers working in the energy field.

    Educate the general student population about the energy crisis and the importance of the on-going efforts to solve it. (Especially considering how much the Purdue administration tries to push “Green” efforts on campus, education efforts need to be made to explain the underlying global causes of why such an effort is needed).

    Help students interested in the energy crisis decide which alternative energy career field they want to pursue in terms of a job or major.

    Help give Purdue students the tools and connections necessary to make a big difference in the world through energy production and help them make a lot of money in the process.

    Allow students to network with other students interested in the same things they are (because that’s what clubs are supposed to be all about).


    Speaker series- A colloquia type setting where researchers, faculty, and professional industry come to give presentations on topics they feel are relevant to the clubs interests. Topics range anywhere from how to more efficiently split water into hydrogen, the latest battery developments, advancements in solar cells, how to secure government money and interest in the energy crisis, or even just how to get the public excited about what turns on their lights and computers will be discussed.

    Club discussions- Small meetings outside of Starbucks or something where topics like new courses being offered related to energy that would be worthwhile for club members, the research or ideas presented during the last speaker session, or even just some random tangent about the energy balance of the ethanol fuel cycle are discussed. It has become a regular occurrence that seminar speakers or faculty will be there as special guests to spice up the conversations.

    Special industry recruitment visits- Companies will be invited to speak about what they are doing to be at the cutting edge of this vastly expanding field. After their presentations students will be welcome to get recruiting information from the company representatives. This will help companies find the most enthusiastic students and help students get their feet on the ground floor of a company already working on the problems they are interested in.

    Clean Energy Challenge- A small team of members working on developing a business plan for a clean energy technology as part of a business pitch competition with large cash prizes that include startup money to go implement their business pitch!

    Several other exciting projects that will be listed at a later time.