Agricultural Economics

David Perkis

PhD, Economics

BSE, Chem Eng


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Energy/Resource/Environmental Policy


Economic Education                 Experimental Methods


The past few years, I have been a lecturer, professor, and researcher at Purdue University investigating a myriad of topics related to the protection, management, and development of natural resources.  My interests span physical resources including energy and atmospheric quality, as well as resources related to human capital such as teaching and economic education.

Energy and the Environment:  My enjoyment of research in natural resources combined with a background in chemical engineering has made studying at Purdue's Department of Agricultural Economics a great fit for my studies.  My dissertation utilizes both experimental laboratory markets and energy market simulations to examine the effects of proposed greenhouse gas reduction policies.  For a summary of my research interests, please navigate to my Research page.  A full list of publications can be found in my CV.

Economic Education:  I love to teach, and have experience teaching economics at both the high school and college level.  At an urban high school featured on Good Morning America, I introduced economics using experimental techniques into an interactive mathematics classroom.  I then continued to utilize experimental methods in the college classroom as a way to enhance participatory learning.  My methods have led to awards as a top instructor both in the College of Agriculture and the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association.