Academic and Professional Development

Co-Chairs: Katelynn Connelly | Joshua Shila

Our committee is concerned with a wide range of topics that include enhancing career, academic, and personal growth of graduate students – both in and out of the classroom. In addition, our committee finds ways of broadening our knowledge and skills, together with the development of personal qualities, through workshops, for graduate students.

Some ways we help meet the needs of graduate students are through the organization of a series of seminars and workshops during which professionals offer their expertise. The subject matter of these workshops varies by year, but some notable past topics have included proposal writing, resume building, networking, and entrepreneurship.

Other interests of the committee include working with university resources such as the Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) to better meet the needs of graduate students in the areas of career development, networking, and enhancing professional skills, as well as working with the Center for Instructional Excellence (CIE) to better foster graduate students’ teaching and learning skills. One notable event our committee coordinates, Next Generation Scholars (NGS), is an outreach opportunity for graduate students to interact with local youth. To recognize and reward graduate students for their accomplishments, our committee also organizes the Graduate Student Excellence (GSE) awards.

If you have any questions or concerns about the committee, please free to contact us. Any ideas, suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Next Generation Scholars | Faculty Mentor Recognition Award | Grad Student Excellence Award


Co-Chairs: Alex Hagen | Christina M Weiler

The Advancement Committee is responsible for community outreach, public relations, and fund-raising. Principally, the committee seeks to build bridges between PGSG and the campus and larger Lafayette communities. These connections increase PGSG’s exposure and help raise money for projects and events.

Career Fair

Chair: Siddharth Mehra

The career fair committee is a branch from our Academic and Professional Development committee.  The number one goal for our committee is to provide graduate students the opportunity to network with potential employers to help them obtain careers after Purdue.  We organize two career fairs each year, one in the fall and one in the spring.  This includes planning as well as calling and contacting various companies to invite to the fair.

If you would like to help invite companies and plan our Career Fair’s please email the committee at

Grant Review and Allocation Committee

GRAC Chair, Chris Kulesza,
GSOGA Vice-Chair, Walter Schostak,
Travel Grant Vice-Chair, William Brice,
Professional, DEAL, and General Research Grant Vice-Chair, Heng Wu,

We are responsible for reviewing and distributing funds in four areas:

1. Graduate Student Organization Grant Allocation (GSOGA)
The GSOGA Committee provides funding to graduate student organizations to support their activities, events, and programs. Such activities and events should enhance graduate student quality of life, allow opportunities for academic, professional, and personal development, promote engagement with the community, and create a forum for the exchange of information and ideas. For the 2012-2013 academic year, a total of up to $15,000 will be awarded to graduate student organizations.

Information available at:
Grants reviewed twice per semester.

2. Travel Grants
Travel Grants assist Purdue University graduate students in attending technical and research conferences which in turn will help to develop graduate students professionally and augment the overall quality of research at Purdue. Grants are distributed among graduate students on a competitive basis. Because the number of applications varies each semester and the total budget for Travel Grant varies year to year, the number and amount of awards will not determined until after all applications have been received. This year, Grants are expected to be around $1000 and will be allocated for conferences in the 2012-2013 academic year.

Information available at:
Grants reviewed twice per semester.

3. Professional Grants
Professional Grants assist Purdue University graduate students by providing financial assistance for costs associated with their academic and professional development. These funds are aimed at reimbursing costs that fall outside the scope of the normal graduate student expenses. This includes but is not limited to journal publishing fees, printing of posters, and the cost of special courses or certifications. These funds are not meant to be used for any laboratory reagents or Purdue University issued fees.
Information available at:
Grants reviewed on a rolling basis

Legislative and Strategic Planning

Chair: Eddie Price


This committee is full of enthusiastic people who have worked hard to bring you the PGSG constitution. The PGSG Legislative and Strategic Planning Committee enforces and reviews the constitution and shall make recommendations to the senate for improvements when necessary. All bills pertaining to changes in constitution, addition of by-laws etc, that appear on the senate floor, are referred to this committee.

This committee is also charged with drafting a strategic plan for the Graduate Student Senate. The strategic plan defines the PGSS goals and objectives, provides a framework to benchmark the performance of our PGSS with that of our colleagues in peer institutions, and identifies issues that PGSS should be discussing.

Any graduate student is more than welcome to join the Legislative and Strategic Planning Committee. Feel free to e-mail for further information.

Public Relations Committee

Chair: Morgan Grosso


The primary purpose of the Public Relations Committee is to be the voice for PGSG and graduate students at large. Growing and maintaining a presence for the more than 8,000 graduate students at Purdue is crucial for ensuring that the University administration and local communities wherein we learn, work, and live recognize our issues.

We complete our mission through the use of Facebook, email and Twitter (@PGSGinfo), special events, and through projects that support other officers and committees of PGSG.

If you are a graduate student with interests in writing, graphic design, public relations, event planning or social media, the Public Relations Committee can use your talents. Just email for more info!


Chair: Vacant


The social committee is responsible for fostering the communication between Purdue University graduate students. The committee strives to achieve this goal by hosting monthly social events to cater to graduate students from all walks of life. The planned social events throughout the year attempt to bring graduate students and families together to create an atmosphere for socialization and to embrace cultural differences. The social committee has planned past activities including a fall picnic and spring Gala.

Student Affairs

Chair: Rohinish Gupta


The Student Affairs Committee is committed to improving the quality of life for graduate students at Purdue. Every year we publish the Tips for Graduate Living to help current and prospective students navigate life at Purdue. In 2010-2011, we worked with the University to rebid the student health insurance, resulting in a better plan including lower deductibles, lower out-of-pocket maxima, lower co-pays for prescriptions, better pediatric care, coverage of elective contraceptives, and more coverage for in-network and out-of-network expenses. We also helped the Student Wellness Office conduct a Quality of Life survey, which gave us more insight into the demographics and concerns of grad students. In 2008, our efforts with the University resulted in lowering the graduate staff fee from $890 per semester to its current level ($210 per semester, as of 2010-2011). In 2011-2012, are focusing particularly on removing disincentives for fellowship students and addressing concerns over differential fees.  Contact Us

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