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One of PGSG’s purposes is to act as a liaison to Purdue faculty, administration, staff and outside community. One way that we do this is by appointing graduate students to serve on various committees, boards, partnerships, etc., across campus and in the Greater West Lafayette Community. If you have a concern that directly falls under the jurisdiction or review of one of the committees listed below, please contact the graduate student representative listed. If you have any questions regarding University Committee appointments, or are a University Committee seeking a graduate student representative, please contact the PGSG President, Chris Kulesza (

Committee Description Members Email
Campus Appeals Board The Campus Appeals Board is established to hear appeals concerning decisions made by the University about student organizations, Student Supreme Court decisions, and complaints under the Student Bill of Rights. More info: Philip RitcheyNiki Ritchey

Eric Robinson

Christopher Kulesza

Caitlin Grady(alt)

Rebecca Logsdon (alt)






Card Services Committee that meets to discuss improvement/changes, etc., in regards to Card Services. More info: Ashley Albrect albrecha
Commencement Committee Committee that meets to discuss improvement/changes, etc., in regards to campus Commencement Services. More info: Caitlin Grady grady3
Childcare Taskforce Taskforce called for by the University Senate to look into improving childcare for students and faculty on campus. Christine Keller cekeller
Campus and Community Bar and Retail Coalition As participants in the Campus Community Bar Retailer Coalition, we recognize that high-risk alcohol behaviors occur in and around our campus community and must be addressed. We believe that these behaviors are best addressed by collaboration between alcohol retailers, law enforcement, campus and community. More info: Emily Arentson earentso
Center for Student Excellence and Leadership Core Committee Committee to help drive the direction and building of the CSEL building on campus. Philip Ritchey pritchey
Division of Recreational Sports Advisory Committee The Division of Recreational Sports Advisory Board is dedicated to bringing about the best in Recreational Sports for the Purdue community. Chaired by students, faculty, and staff, the advisory board mission is to take an in-depth look at relevant issues which impact DRS and the overall health and fitness of the Purdue community. More Info: Kevin Richards karichar
Educational Policy Committee The Educational Policy Committee shall be concerned with, but not limited to: improvement of instruction, grades and grading, scholastic probation, dismissal for academic reasons and reinstatement, standards for admission, academic placement, the academic calendar, policies for scheduling classes, honors programs, general educational policy, general research policies, military training programs, general curriculum standards, coordination of campus and extension curricula, general academic organization, and interdepartmental and inter-institutional research and education programs. More info: Anastasia Rynearson
FSBIT The purpose of FSBIT is to provide limited, one-time financial support to recognized student organizations pursuing worthy projects for which there are no other funds. More Info: Niki Ritchey snritchey
Grade Appeals A University Grade Appeals Committee, with the authority to hear appeals of school committee decisions, shall be established for the West Lafayette Campus. The University committee shall be responsible to and report to the Faculty Affairs Committee of the University Senate. In all appeal cases, the committee shall consist of two students (undergraduate or graduate to correspond to the status of the appealing student) and four members of the instructional faculty. They shall be selected in the following manner: four undergraduate students nominated by the student body president and confirmed by the Student Senate; four graduate students appointed by the Committee on Student Affairs of the University Senate; and eight faculty members selected by the University Senate. The student members shall be appointed annually. Two of the faculty members of the committee shall be elected annually for a three-year term. More Info: Matthew KressKevin Richards

Monique Long

Meghan Robinson (alt)

Rebecca Logsdon (alt)

Zach Davis (alt)






Graduate Council In accordance with the action of the general faculty (June 1949), the Graduate Council acts as the faculty of the Graduate School. The Graduate Council is responsible for all academic policies related to postbaccalaureate study and degree programs, particularly those policies that involve admission to the Graduate School; standards of work; courses and programs of study; foreign language requirements; registration requirements; and all other requirements for advanced degrees.More Info: Rebecca Logsdon rlogsdo
INCSAPP The Indiana Campus Sexual Assault Primary Prevention Project (INCSAPPP) aids Indiana colleges and universities in the primary prevention of sexual violence through training and technical assistance, coalition building and mini-grants. More info: Amina Shareef ashareef
ITaP Governance Committee Purpose is for students to provide input on IT matters, share information, help ITaP communicate with the student body, engage the student population and help develop a communications plan. More info: Emily ArentsonAnkur Ashtekar earentsoankur
Library The University Library Committee (ULC) reviews, consults and advises on, plans for, and receives reports and recommendations on the performance of library services, automation, budget, administrative structure, and allocation of resources. Responsibility for keeping the faculty informed of major issues and for creating opportunities for the faculty to discuss priorities also falls to the committee. (see Faculty Policies and Procedures 6.46.B). More info: Blake Hylton hylton
Martin Luther King, Jr. Planning Comm. Committee appointed by the Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion which will meet in the fall of 2011 to plan events. Fushcia HooverMonique Long fhooverlong27
Parking & Traffic The objectives of the Parking and Traffic Committee are to periodically analyze campus parking and traffic flow to determine present and future needs; to manage the available parking spaces for the optimum benefit of the University and the people associated with same; and recommend policies, fees, fines, and restrictions relating to parking and traffic for administrative review and consideration by the Board of Trustees. The minutes of this committee are distributed to all the committee members, the President, all Vice Presidents, all Senate members, and the Dean of each school. More Info: Blake  HyltonZach Davis hyltonzsd
Purdue Student Government Purdue Student Government (PSG) is a student-run and operated organization that serves the student body by advocating student concerns to students, faculty, community members, administration and alumni. In other words, PSG is the voice of the undergraduate student body. More info: Rebecca Logsdon rlogsdo
Purdue West Lafayette Community Partnership Team Committee comprised of both Purdue and West Lafayette administration that meets to improve communication and collaborations between Purdue and West Lafayette Rebecca Logsdon rlogsdo
Liaison to the City of West Lafayette Monthly meeetings with the Mayor of West Lafayette and undergraduate and graduate representatives from Purdue to discuss student-related issues within the City of West Lafayette. More info: Rebecca Logsdon rlogsdo
Resources Policy Committee (University Senate) The University Resources Policy Committee shall be concerned with, but not limited to, consideration of the following matters: planning optimal utilization of the physical facilities of the University, including buildings, the library, scientific and equipment and educational aids; studies of staff needs, utilization, and planning; interdepartmental cooperation for improved facilities and staff utilization; and nonacademic planning, including architecture, landscaping, parking, and traffic. More Info: Rebecca Logsdon rlogsdo
Sexual Assault Task Force Meets to discuss ways to improve the prevention of sexual assault on campus and provide resources for victims of sexual assault. Emily Haas ejhaas
SOGA Student Organization and Grant Allocation–funds initiatives, programs and activities for registered student organizations on campus. Niki Ritchey snritchey
Plans the annual Spring Fling for faculty and staff on Purdue’s campus. Ankur AshtekarEvelyn Mercado ankuremercad
Student Affairs (University Senate) The Student Affairs Committee shall be concerned with matters having to do with the general social, cultural, and practical welfare of all students of the University. Specific nonclassroom matters of concern to this committee shall include, but not be limited to: University Placement Service, intercollegiate athletics, counseling, scholarships, loans, conduct and discipline, health, living conditions, student recommendations, extracurricular activities, provision of equal rights and opportunities, and any other matters which would enhance the University environment of the student for learning and living. More info: Steve Kimble skimble
Student Code of Conduct Review Meetings to review and update the current Student Code of Conduct Monique Long long27
Student Supreme Court Justices attend weekly traffic court, know and review the PSG constitutiona, and all University parking regulations in order to vote on traffic violation appeals. Mohan Gopaladesika mgopalad
The University Senate is the governing body of the faculty and it exercises the legislative and policy-making powers assigned to the faculty, subject only to review and  check by the faculty by established procedures (Article VI). Therefore, subject  to the authority of the Board of Trustees and in consultation with the president, it has the  power and responsibility to propose or to adopt policies, regulations, and procedures  intended to achieve the educational objectives of Purdue University and  the general welfare of those involved in these educational processes. More Info:


Rebecca Logsdon rlogsdo

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