Next Generation Scholars

NGS is a one day outreach event for middle or high school students. We host a poster session, give campus tours, provide lunch, and facilitate Boilermaker special rides to the attending middle/high school students. About 50 graduate students volunteer to present posters on their research to the middle/high school students. This is a good opportunity for graduate students to practice presenting their research work to other types of audiences. Aside from exercising one’s communication skills, this also provides an opportunity to help influence young minds and introduce local youth to graduate research.

We encourage all graduate students to consider participating in the NGS poster session coming up in November 17th, and we hope to present a representative range of the research being conducted at Purdue. All participants will receive free lunch and free poster printing. There are no fees associated with participating in this event. All presenters will have their abstract printed in the official program for NGS and receive a small gift for their participation. A monetary prize will be awarded to the winning poster presenter – chosen by students at the event.

A workshop on how to present a poster to the community will be held in October 27th or October 28th at noon (lunch provided) for any interested parties (registration with NGS is not required).

Participants will have to submit their poster abstracts upon registration. The abstracts will be revised by the APD committee and participants will be contacted on November 2nd for revisions as they prepare their poster. The purpose of revising the abstracts is to guide the presenters toward presenting to high school students.

Please please click on the registration URL link below then follow instructions on how to register.