Professional Grants


The aim of the Purdue Graduate Student Government (PGSG) Professional Grant is to assist Purdue University graduate students by providing financial assistance for costs associated with their academic and professional development. These funds are aimed at reimbursing costs that fall outside the scope of the normal graduate student expenses. These funds are not meant to be used for any laboratory reagents or Purdue University issued fees.


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. However, applications should be submitted within a timely manner. Applications requesting funds for expenses paid after a significant amount of time has passed will be questioned. Applicants can expect to receive their decision no later than six weeks after the application has been submitted during the regular academic year. Please see http://web.ics.purdue/edu/~pgsg/projects/travelgrants/ for a calendar.

Directions and Application Forms

Application Instructions – Updated Version Coming Soon!
Evaluation Rubric – Updated Version Coming Soon!

Professional Grant Judging Criteria

All applications will be initially assessed as to the appropriateness of the expense. Grants will only be provided if the expense advances the student’s academic or professional career. As this grant is designed to help the graduate student, funds will not be given for purchases that should be paid for by the principle investigator (eg. laboratory reagents). Also excluded will be Purdue University tuition and fees. Qualifying applications will be judged based on the justification of expense, importance of cause to graduate student’s academic career and quality of application rhetoric.


Contact the Professional Grant Vice Chair, Dina Verdin, at for more information.