About the Senate

The Purdue Graduate Student Senate (PGSS) is the representative body for graduate students at Purdue University and the legislative arm of the PGSG. The PGSS is composed of members from each of the departments of the university. Each department selects senators as outlined in the constitution to attend our senate meetings, held monthly September to May. Any graduate student is welcome to attend any of our meetings.

The real key to the success of the Graduate School and the happiness of graduate students is clear and effective lines of communication between the students and administrators. We feel this senate is a very effective means of starting a meaningful and lasting dialog that can only benefit the entire community.

Graduate student senators are the most important part of this mission. Their input is invaluable for this project.

What does the Senate do?

At the Purdue Graduate Student Senate meetings, graduate students with ideas and concerns they want to address attend and take part in a brainstorming sessions and discussion. The executive committee then processes and organizes all the ideas into a formal process to be taken care of by the organization and its focused groups. Ideas may then be proposed to the Graduate School Administration.

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