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House Mom: Brenda Harmon
President: Peyton Gilliatt -
VP of Finance: Madison Ashbrook -
VP of Public Relations: Alyssa Lee -
Director of Alumnae Relations: Anne Roach -
Director of Housing: Ariana Martinez -
Director of External Philanthropy: Blair Pellatt -
Director of Recruitment: Haleigh Boss -
Fundraising Coordinator: Shrishti Jaganmohan -
Website Coordinator: Audrey Murray -
Academic Advisor: Beth Holloway -
Alumnae Advisor: Tammy Lowe -
Regional Field Director: Kelsey Blake -

Note to alumni: If you are interested in staying in the Alumni Suite in the Phi Rho house, please contact the Director of Housing. If you are coming back to campus or have any questions about the chapter or how to stay involved, feel free to contact the Director of Alumnae Relations.

The Alumni Suite is currently being refurbished. If you have questions, please contact the Director of Alumnae Relations.

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1001 David Ross Road
West Lafayette, IN 47906