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The Purdue Linguistics Association

The Purdue Linguistics Association (PLA) creates opportunities for members of the Purdue community to advance their understanding of language. These opportunities come in many forms:

  • PLA promotes interdisciplinary collaboration by encouraging students from all departments to become members.
  • Moreover, our organization provides professional development workshops that equip our members for rigorous linguistic inquiry and for future careers. We keep our members up-to-date with the latest work in the field by inviting faculty and guest lecturers to discuss their current research.
  • PLA also provides an open and relaxed forum for current students at Purdue to present their research, practice their presentation skills, and receive constructive criticism.
  • We contribute to the larger academic community by hosting an annual symposium where scholars from the United States and abroad can discuss and refine their ideas.
  • Lastly, we develop a support system for incoming graduate students in the Linguistics program by matching each new student with a mentor who can help them navigate their first year in a new university, city, and culture. We also have an informal mentoring system in place for undergraduates.
We believe that our efforts can bring us all to a greater understanding of language.