PRSA - Goals

1. The purpose of the Puerto Rican Student Association (PRSA) shall be the establishment and maintenance of a comfortable environment to students at Purdue University.

2. The PRSA will provide different academic, professional and socio-cultural activities to encourage the discussion of Puerto Rican affairs.

3. The PRSA will sponsor workshops, seminars and conferences of professional development for undergraduate and graduate students.

4. The PRSA will promote links between the community, corporations, and non-profit organizations near the Greater Lafayette surroundings.

5. The PRSA will provide some social and recreational activities to their members.

6. The PRSA is a bilingual (Spanish / English) organization that recognizes and respects the right of individual members to use the language of preference in any circumstance of life. The PRSA promotes a comfortable environment for efficient communication among members and non-members in which the use of the language of preference should be spontaneous and flexible.