Fall 2009 Election Results

Elections are complete for the Fall 2009 administrative board. The following officers were voted to their positions in April, while the chair positions were selected in September. Congratulations to all those elected. OFFICERS President - Jerad Cole VP Actives - Philip Hicks VP-Pledges - Joe Davies VP-Industrial Relations - Janet Ferrell VP-Sales - Scott Curby Secretary - Rob Janesheski Treasurer - Siddarth Tekriwal CHAIRS Alumni Relations – Johnson Yang Composite – Stephen Leuck DCS – Vincent Tandiono Elementary Outreach – Jason Lewis Internal Events – Stephen Parkhill Lounge – Drew Henderson Merchandise – Paul Coyne National Relations – Kyle Bazur Publicity – Kevin Leslie Recycling – Evan Herndon and Fred Landavazo IV Service Projects – Elaine Li Social – Demi Hutchinson Test Files – David Poglitsch Trivia – Samik Ghoshal Website – Steve Musick