"A Mechanical Engineering Honor Society striving to create better engineers through commitment to academic excellence and dedication to service."


The Pi Tau Banquet will be December 14th. Location and times are TBA.

ME Forum

December 11th is the ME Forum. This is your opportunity to have open dialogue with ME faculty (including Dr. Hirleman) and staff (Building, Maintenance, and Equipment staff). Time and location are TBA.

Pledge Initiation / Elections / Dinner at Puccini's

December 10th is the Pledge Initiation followed by dinner at Puccini's and elections for the upcoming semester. The actual time and location of pledge initiation will be TBA.

Class Evals!

Class Evaluations will be conducted this week! Please contact the class professor at least a week in advance to ask when he/she would like you to come! Sometimes they prefer to do evals a week early, so please contact them early! And DON'T FORGET! The sign-ups will be passed out in the actives and pledge meetings, so sign up when you see the sheets.

ME Social at Jakes!

December 4th is the ME Social at Jakes! Come hang out with your fellow students and play trivia against the faculty! Official times TBA.

Pledge Test

Pledge Test on December 3rd. Study Hard! Actual times and location TBA.

Active Service Project

The Actives Service Project will be a carnival at the Boys and Girls Club again. This event is MANDATORY, but will be a blast again! (and totally worth the time)

Pledge Service Project

Pledge Service Project! Location and official times are currently TBA.

Pledge / Active Social - Tentative Date

Pledge / Active Social! Date is tentative, and time and location are currently TBA.

Pledge Meeting

Pledge Meeting on Tuesday, October 28th at 5:45pm at ME263.
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