Tutor List

Instructions for students looking for a tutor:

  1. Scroll down to the Tutor List and find tutors in the course of interest.
  2. Tutors available for that course have an 'X' put under that course column.
  3. Email tutors of interest
    • Please contact multiple tutors individually
    • Please have the Subject of the email as "Tutor Request: MEXXX" or similar format.
    • Please agree on expectations before meeting. ie. course/concepts, pay rate, etc.
  4. If you are having trouble reaching a tutor or have any questions please contact Sam Myers (myers246@purdue.edu).
  5. Study Away!

Fall 2017 Tutor List
Tutor Email Specific Qualifications ME 200 ME 263 ME 270 ME 274 ME 300 ME 309 ME 315 ME 323 ME 352 ME 365 ME 375 ME 452 ME 475 ME 500 ME 515 MSE 230 PHYS 241 ECE 201
Sam Myers myers246@purdue.edu X X X X X
Ryan Schroer schroerr@purdue.edu X X X X
Sanket Mandhani smandhan@purdue.edu Grad Student X X
Xianfeng “Fun” Lu lu435@purdue.edu X X X X X X X X X
Ningyu Ma ma462@purdue.edu Grad Student & Grader X X X X X X X
Devah Dhanush devahdhanush@purdue.edu Grad TA for 200, 300, 315 X X X X X
Vishal Anand anand32@purdue.edu Published in Thermodynamics, ME 300 TA X X
Abhishek Paul paul91@purdue.edu Grad Student X X X
Vikranth Reddy vkattaku@purdue.edu Grad Student, TA, Design background X X X X X X X
Aniket Bhirangi abhirang@purdue.edu Grad Student X X X X
Deba Khawas dkhawas@purdue.edu Grad Student X X X X
Anand Jebakumar ajebakum@purdue.edu Grad Student, TA ME 200/300/315/440, Former ME 309 tutor X X X
Rajakumar Ganne rganne@purdue.edu Grad Student, TA, Expert in 201 & 309 X X X X X X X X X X X
Akshat Sharma sharm318@purdue.edu Grad Student, TA, ME 570 Student X X X X X X X
Shashaank Yogesh sundare0@purdue.edu Grad Student X X X X X X X X X
Allison Murray murray57@purdue.edu Grad Student, TA in 270 & 274 X X
Pranav Jain jain204@purdue.edu Grad Student, ME 200 grader X X X X X X X
Meghavin Bhatasana mbhatasa@purdue.edu X X X
Nikhil Sharma sharm316@purdue.edu Grad Student, Mechanical design background X X X X X
Trevor Fleck tfleck@purdue.edu Grad Student, TA for 270 & 274 X X
Aaron Tam tam15@purdue.edu Grad Student X X
Ram Venkatesan venkat44@purdue.edu Grad Student X X X X X X X X
Dheeraj Gosala dgosala@purdue.edu Grad Student, Background in 200, 300, & 201 X X X
Matt Meier meier2@purdue.edu Grad Student, Experience in 200, 300, & 309 X X X
Kushagra Singh singh500@purdue.edu Grad Student, TA X X X X X X X
Shayan Zahid szahid@purdue.edu X X X X X
Peerapak Adsavakulchai padsavak@purdue.edu TA, Tutoring history X X X X X X X
Aidan Kohr akohr@purdue.edu Undergrad, ME 200 tutor, A+ in 200 & 201 X X X X X X X