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Welcome to the official homepage of the Purdue Rowing Crew!


Novice Squads Off To Great Start

2014-11-16 23:39:11

The novice women hit the ground running this fall by accepting and attacking every challenge thrown their way. Time spent training on land and in boats with the varsity women really brought focus to this attack and progressed training in the right direction. This served them well at Head of the Eagle where the top novice 8+ won their race by 0.87 seconds after a 10 second penalty for rowing outside of the course, teaching them the importance of every stroke. The second 8+ won their race as well, flying past their competition. The third 8+ finished fourth, and all of the 4+s earned impressive finishes despite only rowing in these smaller boats a few times at practice. Overall, the successful fall has led to a strong start of winter training, and the novice women are looking forward to continuing this momentum into spring racing. --Coach Maggie Busse, Novice Women

Fall of '14 has been great for the Novice Men's squad so far. We got rolling with some really good size and strong athletic background from recruiting on campus. These athletes brought a great excitement into the boathouse and were accepting of any challenge thrown their way. Basic technique was picked up really quickly and intrasquad racing drove their development as they vied to get into the top boats. As we progressed into rowing all eights, the athletes were quickly humbled and realized the importance of stability, a concept they were still wrestling with moving into the Head of the Eagle. The top boat came 2nd to a very fast Grand Valley in the novice 8+, and captured the top spot in the "B" race. The top 4+ managed to put forth a better performance to win that event. Practices really started to click after the Eagle, but some unfortunate weather cancelled the proceedings at the Head of the Hooch. Realizing the importance of conditioning, the novice men are looking forward to the challenges of winter training. --Coach Dane Lawson, Novice Men

Cancellations at the Hooch, but "life rows on"

2014-11-05 00:00:00

As stated on the official Head of the Hooch website, life rows on for crews despite Saturday's race cancelations. Purdue Crew traveled down to Chattanooga, Tennessee this past weekend to race on the mighty Tennessee River for their last regatta of the season. The team arrived in Chattanooga Friday morning to warm but windy weather, and had a good practice row in preparation for Saturday's races. Arriving at the course early Saturday morning, bundled up but eager to race, the crew received the unfortunate news that some of the morning races, including the lightweight Varsity Men's, JV Varsity Women's and the Novice Men, had been canceled due to poor weather conditions. The day carried on with nonstop blustery and cold weather as rowers huddled together by heaters and under blankets to stay warm. After a roller coaster of a day, with regatta officials going back and forth between the canceling and rescheduling of races, the whole day of racing was eventually canceled at around 2:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon. Although a disappointing weekend, it was still a memory made for the crew and a weekend of team bonding. With fall racing season officially over, the crew will now begin their intensive winter training in order to prepare for the spring racing season ahead.

Soaring at the Eagle

2014-10-30 00:00:00

Beautiful fall weather, Purdue pride, and medals were all ubiquitous at the Head of the Eagle this past weekend. Purdue Crew traveled to Indianapolis this past Saturday to race their shells on Eagle Creek. The excitement was high and the crew was eager as this was the first time racing for the Novice Men and Women squads. The busy day of racing commenced with the Novice Men and Women taking the water, and the varsity squads and family members gathered around the docks, singing them off with a spirited "Hail Purdue". It was a very successful first race for the Novice Women, with first place wins in both the A and B races and beating out Grand Valley. The Novice Men finished strong as well, taking first, fourth and fifth. Next to take the water were the men and women's varsity fours. The two heavyweight women's fours finished second and third in the A race and the lightweight four finished second in the B race. The men's fours had positive results as well, with the heavyweight four beating out Grand Valley for first in the A race, and the two fours in the B race finishing first and third. Finally, the Varsity Men and Women's eights took on Eagle Creek, producing all around positive results. The Varsity Men had boats finish first and third in the A race, and first and second in the B race. The Varsity Women's V8 edged out Dayton in the A race, finishing first, and the JV took first and the lightweight 8 second in the B race. Overall, it was a great weekend for Purdue Crew, leaving the squad feeling confident as they prepare to take on the competition at the Head of the Hooch this weekend.

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