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    Purdue Crew Race In San Diego

    2016-04-10 17:06:00

    Purdue Crew had a strong showing at San Diego in the Annual San Diego Crew Classic. The Varsity Men's 1st and 2nd eights along with the Women's 1st eight competed with schools from coast to coast including teams such as Yale, Princeton, University of California University's, Michigan, and many more.

    The Men's 1st eight raced well winning their first race for a lane in the grand final then taking second in the grand final while fighting Temple for the gold.

    The Men's 2nd varsity eight competed well against squads which had a majority of taller and heavier guys. However, the lighter 2nd varsity eight was unable to secure a spot in the grand final.

    The women's 1st varsity eight saw tough competition as well. The Purdue women raced well against a majority of scholarship varsity programs. However, they were also unable to secure a lane in the grand final.

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    Picture: Purdue Crew San Diego Team with Alumni

    Successful Start to Spring Season

    2016-03-29 11:57:00

    (Auth. Prachant Bradwell - Historian)

    Over the week of Spring Break (March 11-17) all squads of the Purdue Crew Team traveled to Clemson, SC for a week of training and fun; finally getting on the water and off the erg machines. During Spring Break Training, the team endured two practices a day, and rowed thousands of meters, with all athletes competing for seats. Additionally, the Novice and Varsity Men were able to scrimmage against the US Military Academy Rowing Team, with each squad seeing great results. Overall, the week was very successful, with everybody gaining boat speed and confidence to move forward with for the Spring sprint racing season. To cap things off, the team had a delicious BBQ per tradition, and traveled on to Marietta, OH for a dual regatta against Marietta College.
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    The Men's Varsity 8, Men's Second Varsity 8, and Women's Varsity 8 will be racing in the San Diego Crew Classic this coming Saturday and Sunday (4/2-4/3).

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