Past Results

Most recent race results: SIRA

Squad Place
Women's 2nd Varsity 81st (Petite Final)
Men's Varsity 84th (Petite Final)
Women's Varsity 85th
Men's Varsity 4+5th (D Final)
Men's JV85th (Petite Final)
Men's Novice 4+ 9th
Women's Novice 8Bronze
Men's 2nd Novice 8Gold
Women's Varsity Lwt 4Gold
Men's Novice 8Silver
Men's Varsity Lwt 8Silver

Race Summaries:

Melissa Kubacki, Natalie Oda, Eileen Murphy, Rachel White, Caitie Carroll

The women's varsity lightweight four brought home SIRA gold for the second year in a row this past weekend in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. On Friday afternoon, having only rowed in the lineup twice before and weighing on average 15 pounds below the weight limit, the ladies were the first down the course for their time trial. Not taking things easy for this lane placement race, the boat rowed down the course in the technical and efficient manner characterized by the lightweights, finishing 16 seconds ahead of second place Clemson.

The heat and headwind was present for Saturday's final race. Wanting to maintain the precedence established during their time trial, the ladies started their race slightly jittered; nonetheless, their light and springy start sequence set them ahead of the other five crews early on. Settling into a cautious base rate of 32 spm, the ladies held half a boat length overlap ahead of faster stroking Clemson throughout the first 1000 m of the race. At the 1000 m mark, the ladies took a high 10, settling back down to their base rate and pushed ahead. The ladies continued to expand their open water on Clemson and all other crews throughout the second half of the race, finishing 1.5 boat lengths ahead of second place, claiming yet another gold for their boat, Lonni D. Kucik.

Gold Medal Winners in the Men's 2F8+ Surya Vezhavendan, Jon Ellingson, Jack Siwajek, Jake Linvelle, Drew Harden, Dan Rice, Joe Wieder, Sam Dynako, Nick Rohan

The 2F had a great weekend. With only five entries the 2F event was not as highly subscribed as the 1F, but in order to win the Purdue 2F would have to defeat Notre Dame a crew that had beaten them by twenty-two seconds two weeks earlier in Indianapolis. The 2F were up to the challenge and showed off their new-found speed, posting the fastest time in the time trial. In the final the 2F got off to an early lead, Notre Dame pulled almost even at the 1000 meter mark, but the Purdue 2F pulled away in the second half to win by six seconds.

Silver Medal winners in the M1N8+ John Lavelle, Milo Green, Drew Baldwin, Liam Connery, Henri LaLiberte, Nick Taylor, Nick Trevino, Alex Thrift, Forrest Dipert

In the men's first novice/freshmen race the Purdue 1F had a solid time trial, finishing with the second overall fastest time behind Temple. In Saturday's semi-final the 1F was even with UVA until the 1000 meter mark where a solid middle move left UVA behind. The 1F cruised to a first place finish seven seconds ahead of second place UVA. In the Grand Final the 1F faced a stiff challenge from the Temple frosh who got out to an early lead that they never relinquished. Despite some strong racing the Purdue 1F was unable to catch Temple and was forced to settle for second place, nine seconds behind Temple and seven seconds ahead of third place UVA.

Brad Gustafson, Jack Shirocky, Matt Hinds, Keegan Sullivan, Pat Pesa, Colton Richards, Brendan Doherty, Christopher Von Hoene

Purdue's MLV8 is again showing its typical aggressive & focused approach to demonstrate very good speed which should put them in medal contention at Vails. At San Diego Crew Classic & SIRA, the lightweights finished second to a very fast MIT and Temple crews. With Silver place finishes at both, the Purdue Lwts are more focused on working for more uniform application as a crew and on improving individual technique that will allow bring only more speed.

Here is a video link to watch the VL8 get out of the start:

Cox: Marley Suda; Bow: Bradie Lee; 2: Jill Grantz; 3:Jean Hu; 4: Artha Lou Da Silva; 5: Megan Hofstetter; 6: Elizabeth Cronin; 7: Tess Mair; Stroke: Shelby Paden

The Novice Women started off with a solid trip down the course for their time trial, coming in second behind Georgia. They knew they had to make up a lot of time to win and put it all out there for the final. Unfortunately, after a strong first half of the race, the crew could not hold on to second, and finished in third behind Georgia and Florida.
Smooth sailing it was not. Shortly after the shells were rigged and readied for the regatta, per normal each crew took a "shake-down" row on Friday morning in preparation for the beginning of racing at noon. On the row, the stroke of the Men's Varsity 8 suffered a rib injury, most likely a stress fracture. He was not able to continue. An "on-the-spot" decision by Amanda Putz, the cox, shifted #6 to stroke, #4 to #6 and robbed the JV8 four-man, who became the V8 4-man. The broken stroke, rode home in the Jv8 4 seat. Even though the JV8's shake-down row dampened, it was good to see the JV realize that their sacrifice upheld the V8 priority willingly.

At SIRA the preliminary race used to load the heats is a time trial. In the time trial the V8's time placed them 9th overall. Their time-trial was good, but the crew reverted to some individual effort causing a loss of rhythm. In their semi-final race on Saturday morning, their V8s performance was again further off pace from normal practice speed. Their performance placed them in the petite finals.

With Vails only 28 days away, the petite final race needed to be a workout under race conditions to evaluate yet another new stroke-man. The original 4-man who became #6 following the original strokes injury became the new stroke. The original #6 who went to #8 following the injury, returned to #6.

The result in the petite final was a good one even though it was 4th place. At the finish, Marietta & Notre Dame who had previously beat Purdue by some 20 seconds, were only 5 seconds and 1 second respectfully ahead of Purdue. Purdue's body of the race was solid as they held poise throughout to reel-in Jacksonville who jumped out to full length on Purdue within the first few hundred meters of the race. Purdue was a little open water ahead of Jacksonville at the finish line.

A side note: this is the 2nd year that our MV8 stroke suffered a rib injury at SIRAs.
The JV8 is the most versatile group as they get robbed almost daily during the week due to adjusting daily lineups to accommodate academic conflicts with all the varsity men. Shaking up their lineup, due to the MV8's stroke-man fractured rib, seemed somewhat routine. The MJV8 pull a great performance in their petite final beating Marietta and almost walking through Virginia in the final 200 meters.
The V8+ once again raced in the Open V8+ event against Varsity (read scholarship) programs such as Kansas State and Old Dominion. The crew placed 5th with a time of 7:09.7 behind KState (6:44.9), ODU (6:47.2), FIT(6:50.0) and Jacksonville (6:51.0); while beating the other Club team Wichita State (7:23.2). There were 2 other Varsity teams that raced in the Petite Final. We know that we need to be able to break through the 7:00 mark given the conditions that we raced in on Saturday. The one good take away was that we were far faster than the fastest team in Club V8 event - Colorado (7:23.2).
The 2V8+ raced in the Club Varsity 8+ event and placed 1st in the Petite Final. We were upset at ourselves for not make the Grand Final, but know that we were racing against other teams top 8+'s we are okay with the results. We also know that we need to get closer to the V8+ time; our was a (7:40.4) and need to be within 25-seconds of the V8+.
The 3F broke up into two 4+s for SIRAs--a novice 4+ and a varsity four with two novice and two varsity members. The novice four raced well over the weekend. Qualifying for the semi-finals and ultimately finishing ninth. It was a good result for a group of young racers, especially considering that many of the other boats in the event were filled by the top four novice rowers from their respective programs.

The varsity four initially had two varsity and two novice rowers, but due to some last minute injuries and substitutions on the varsity squad the four ended up racing with three novices and a coxswain filling in at two seat. Despite being short-handed the varsity four raced well, finishing fifth in the D final ahead of a small handful of other boats.
Your Purdue Crew earned the Oak Ridge Trophy (Overall Team Points) for the 18th consecutive year.

The Women's Crews also earned the Women's Point Trophy for the 3rd consecutive year

Lubber's Cup Team Champions 2017

Overall and Women's Points trophies
Men's Novice 8 Gold
Women's Varsity 4 Gold

Team at Mt. Soledad.

-Crews showed improving performances and settled into Spring lineups
-Great Alumni Support from the Purdue Club of San Diego
-Additional support from John Fee '72, Paul Calvert '73, Harry Rubins '61, Drew Stover '14 & Maggie Archer '15 and the more recent alumni who helped.
-James Cotter '16 who for the first time, actually loaded a shell on the trailer so the team could get to the airport. His leadership was a ray of sunshine.

Trophies and Team Awards

Award Years
Arend D Trophy - Lubbers Cup - Team Points Trophy2015
Jack Bratten Trophy - Dad Vails Overall Points2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012
Jack & Nancy Seitz Women Point Trophy2011
Lubbers Cup Women Team Points Trophy2015
Oakridge Cup - SIRAs - Overall Team Champions1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Secretary of the Navy Cup - San Diego Crew Classic Lwt.82004, 2014, 2015

Dad Vails

Squad Results
Varsity Men Heavyweight 8+
Place Years
Silver2004, 2009
Gold2007, 2008
Varsity Men Lightweight 8+
Place Years
Silver1998, 1999
Bronze2003, 2013, 2014, 2016
Varsity Men JV 8+
Place Years
Silver1997, 1998, 2004
Varsity Women Heavyweight 8+
Place Years
Bronze1997, 2000, 2007, 2008
Silver1999, 2003
Gold1998, 2011
Varsity Women Lightweight 8+
Place Years
Gold2000, 2004
Varsity Women Lightweight 4+
Place Years
Varsity Women JV 8+
Place Years
Gold1998, 2005, 2007, 2008
Silver1999, 2002
Varsity Women 4+
Place Years
Novice Men Heavyweight 8+
Place Years
Gold1996, 1998, 2005, 2011
Bronze2002, 2015
Novice Men Lightweight 8+
Place Years
Bronze1999, 2000, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2014
Silver2001, 2006, 2012
Novice Women Heavyweight 8+
Place Years
Silver1997, 1998, 2011
Gold2003, 2004, 2006
Novice Women Lightweight 8+
Place Years
Novice Women 4+
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Squad Results
Varsity Men Heavyweight 8+
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Varsity Men JV 8+
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Novice Men 8+
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Novice Women 8+
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Varsity Women Ltwt 4+
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