Global Security:

Securing our Future


2013 Conference Flyer



This year, our eighth annual Purdue Student Pugwash Midwest Regional Conference will be titled Global Security: Securing our Future. The conference will focus on the social and ethical dimensions relating to current issues that ultimately allude to Global Security. The various topics that will be addressed include sustainable energy, environmental implications, disease pandemics, nuclear proliferation/disarmament, future of technology, cyber security, and biological warfare. These topics will be presented by experts in their respective fields. Our ultimate goal is  bring these important issues of global security not only to the students, professors, and faculty or Purdue, but also to the surrounding community and the general public.

Breakfast and lunch on the day of the conference are provided, as is access to a preconference talk Friday night, April 19th, and a conference t-shirt. The world is changing in exciting ways; come listen to the experts, discuss the issues, and learn about the state of access in today’s world.

Pugwash strives to provide a forum for discussion of the social and ethical impacts of science and technology. True to our origins as a response to the threat of global nuclear war, in the past we have often focused on the dangers of, or caution needed with, new technologies. We have examined critical issues facing the world ranging from integrity in science to the healthcare system to the relationship between energy and the environment, always looking for the pros and cons of all options. Keeping this critical spirit in mind, with this year’s conference we hope to emphasize the enormous potential for human betterment offered by science and technology rather than the potential for danger or disaster. Universal access to resources, information, and technology is a grand challenge, but it is one that is filled with enormous promise.


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