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    The national collegiate rankings were recently announced by National Ducks Unlimited, in which Purdue ranked 5th in the Nation. This distinction is a great honor for Purdue DU and we look forward to working hard to climb the ranks next year!

In addition to holding annual fundraisers, Purdue DU does many community outreach activities and chapter outings. Activities include hunting trips, guided youth hunts, Purdue Spring Fest, and many more as shown in the above collage.

Purdue Ducks Unlimited was founded in the spring semester of 2005 by a passionate group of Purdue Waterfowlers. That spring those dedicated Boilermakers hosted the first Annual Purdue University Ducks Unlimited Banquet.

From this first banquet on, the committee has continuously grown. The Fall of 2005 brought new members eager to join the already established committee. That Spring the committee hosted their second banquet, making more money than the first banquet.

This process has repeated itself every year since those first two banquets and Purdue DU has continuously sent in more money for Ducks Unlimited's conservation initiatives across North America, and attracted more people to their events.