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Range Renovation Project

The Range Renovation Project is Complete! A special thank you to Howard Taylor, Purdue Recreational Sports, and the monetary donors. Without you this project would not have been possible. What you have helped us achieve is much more than a new club house and pavilion. These structures will let our club grow and reach a larger number of students. We are fulfilling our clubs number one goal which is to teach firearm safety and spread the shooting world.
Thank you once again!


Club Range Membership

$30.00 for a semester.

$50.00 for the year.

Travel Team Membership

$50.00 for a semester.

$80.00 for the year.

**Travel Team membership is not in addition to the club range membership. It is simply $20 more for semester or $30 more for the year. Typically, the club covers all the travel costs and half the registration fees for tournament shoots. Leaving traveling members to cover their half of registration, shells, hotel, and food.

Lifetime Range and Travel Membership

$160.00 for life available to students, faculty, and staff. Alumni can shoot but CANNOT be members unless a previous life member.

All memberships include a Purdue Trap and Skeet t-shirt, along with member rates for the round of shooting, and shotgun shells.



$3.00 per round trap or skeet.

$6.00 per box of 25 shotgun shells

$6.00 per round trap or skeet.

$7.00 per box of 25 shotgun shells

- You may bring your own shotgun shells to the range.


Range Rules

1. A minimum of two people need to be present to begin shooting. (One will be
the range officer)
2. Keep gun pointed in a safe direction.
3. Never point a gun at anything you do not intend to shoot.
4. Do not load gun until you step on the shooting station.
5. Keep finger off trigger until ready to shoot.
6. While on club property, gun actions must be open at all times until shooter
is on the station and ready to shoot.
7. Close the action only when it is your turn to shoot. If a delay occurs, open
action immediately and unload.
8. All shooters must wear ear and eye protection.
9. Spectators must stay behind all shooting fields.
10. Shooting under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited.
11. Alcohol and drugs on club property is strictly prohibited.
12. Watch for and correct safety violations immediately.