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Lab PI: Russell Main

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News & Upcoming Events

  1. -Haisheng presents a poster at the 2014 ASBMR meeting entitled: “Load-induced changes in cortico-cancellous gene expression, bone formation, and resorption are regulated by an applied load threshold and mechanical unloading.” Great job, Haisheng!

  2. -Brian Golz joins the lab as a BME PhD student following a degree in Bioengineering from Clemson University. Welcome Brian! (08/2014)

  3. -Haisheng’s paper entitled: “Characterization of cancellous and cortical strain in the in vivo mouse tibial loading model using microCT-based finite element analysis” is published in Bone. Congratulations Haisheng! (06/2014)

  4. -PMBAM lab is awarded an Indiana CTSI/MEER grant from the Purdue Women’s Global Health Institute to study the role of estrogen receptors in skeletal biology (06/2014)

  5. -Russ visits Cumberland Elementary School to share fossils and theories about weird structures in extinct dinosaurs (05/2014) 

  6. -Russ is named a Bindley Bioscience Center Discovery Park Research Fellow to develop novel imaging methods for 3D culture models for bone (04/2014)

  7. -PMBAM Lab is awarded a R21 award from the NIH to develop a novel 3D culture system to study osteocyte mechanobiology (04/2014)

  8. -Haisheng’s abstract entitled, “Characterization of cancellous and cortical bone strain in the mouse tibia during axial compression loading using micro-CT finite element analysis: a sensitivity study” was selected for poster presentation at the 2013 ASBMR meeting in Baltimore, MD. Way to go Haisheng! (07/2013)

  9. -Kim’s project entitled, “Cortical bone gene expression is altered by post obitum isolation treatment prior to RNA extraction in adult female mouse tibiae” was selected for poster presentation at the 2013 ASBMR meeting in Baltimore, MD. Way to go Kim! (07/2013)

  10. -Max Gallant joins the lab as a Research Assistant. Welcome Max! (06/2013)                                                                                              

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