I have no business interest in any of the organizations referenced here. These links are presented only in an effort to help others find useful information on the web.


Homebuilt Homepage: A simple, but complete list of homebuilt aircraft with web links.


BK Precision: A supplier of 'value priced' electronics. This is basic stuff that doesn't cost a lot, but works fine.


The Wolfram Integrator: A pretty good symbolic integrator. Be careful to use the correct input format.

Professional Societies

Society for Experimental Mechanics

American Society for Engineering Education

Head Hunters

Jodi Knittel, Fortune Personnel Consultants of Troy. I have worked with Jodi for 10 years or so and am comfortable recommending her to others. I have hired people from her and she even found me a job one time. Her phone number is: 248-244-9646.

Search Engines

Google Scholar: A pretty good place to do literature searches.

Directory of Open Access Journals: A neat idea. I hope it catches on.

Scirus: Another pretty good place to search for technical references

CiteSeer: I've had a lot of luck with this one. I has been heavily oriented toward computer science stuff.

Web Radio

Boomer Radio: Here's where they play the stuff I listened to in high school