Boiardo Page 


Paolo Panaro

Edited version of his one-man show, with subtitles. Orlando Innamorato book 1,canto 1, stanzas 1-41.


Puppet slides

This is a Quick-Time movie presentation of slides I shot during the Pasqua Rosada festival, featuring the puppet workshop of Onofrio Sanicola in Milan. The children belong to Jo Ann Cavallo.


Maggio Slides

 My slides from the May 29, 2004 presentation in Milan.

The background music is taken from a Maggio about the early life of Charlemagne,when he meets his wife.


Maggio Clip

This is a ten-minute edited and compressed video with music of the longer (5 hour) Maggio held May 29, 2004, for the Pasqua Rosada festival organized by Jo Ann Cavallo and Onofrio Sanicola, Milan,Italy.


Scandiano website:

Information on Boiardo’s castle


Puppet Show

Teatro dei pupi, directed by Onofrio Sanicola. I have edited some video shot by Jo AnnCavallo. About 8 minutes.