Purdue Civil Engineering


Site Visit to Ohio River Bridges Project!

September 30, 2015

The Joint Transportation Research Program and the Indiana DOT organized a site-visit to the Ohio River Bridges project. This is $2.3 billion project that will increase the mobility between southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky. The opportunity to visit this historic project was much appreciated, and it was a great experience to see civil engineering in action!

Pankow Laboratory Participates in First Annual CE Open House!

September 18, 2015

Members of the Pankow Laboratory participated in the first annual CE Open house that took play on September 18, 2015. This was an opportunity for the entire Lyle's School of Civil Engineering to showcase the breadth of their programs. The program began with a kick-off with Professor Emeritus Harr sharing with us the story of his career.

Presentation at National Concrete Consortium

September 15, 2015

Robert presented an update to the sample exchange that is taking place as part of the NCC's Performance Engineered Mixtures (PEM). The data is being analyzed as a collaborative effort between Purdue and Oregon State University, and it is hopeful a report will be completed in 2016.