Welcome to the

Purdue Salsa Club!

We are one of the biggest, most active student organizations at Purdue in West Lafayette.

We teach classes in Salsa, Bachata, and other fun Latin dances. Join us in one of our classes or one of our several parties!

Upcoming Workshop!

October 18: Beginner/Intermediate Salsa Partner between 6-7:30PM @ Stewart 302

October 18: Intermediate/Advanced Bachata Partner between 7:30-8PM @ Stewart 302

October 19: Lead Footwork/Style between 6-7:30PM @ Stewart 314

October 19: Follow Styling/Shining between 6-7:30PM @ Stewart G6

October 19: Intermediate Salsa Partner between 7:45-8:15PM @ Stewart 314

October 20: Intermediate Turn Pattern between 5-6:30PM @ Union South Ballroom

October 20: All-Levels Salsa between 6:30-8PM @ Union South Ballroom

October 20: Salsa Party between 8PM-8:30PM @ Union South Ballroom

October 20: Performance/Salsa Party between 8:30PM-12AM @ Union South Ballroom

Workshops are free for members!

$30.00 workshop fee for non-members

Christina Piedra

Christina Piedra is the Artistic Director of NJ's Cultural Explosion Dance Company as well as Director of the NJ Island Touch Team, NJ TOUCH. She has been performing, teaching, choreographing, and directing Salsa and Bachata teams for over 10yrs. Her background is in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip-Hop and Competitive Dance Team. She then trained in Salsa/Mambo & Latin Dance, and after many years of teaching and performing nationally and internationally she is considered a Master instructor in Salsa, Mambo, Cha-Cha, etc., and is a world-renowned Latin dance performer.

Christina has graced countless stages in the US, the Caribbean, and Europe performing with Juan Calderon and the Cultural Explosion Dance Company. She is the Artistic Director and also the Head Choreographer for the company, and her creative choreographies are always memorable for having a perfect balance of technical precision with unique music and themes.

She is a magnetic performer, recognized for her charisma and incredible stage presence, and her amazing ability to freestyle so musically that she makes her freestyles look like choreographies. Christina is known for being an expert follower with the ability to any lead, and she is also known for her feminine and graceful styling and especially for her fluid, elegant arms. Add to that her incredible lines and extension and it's no wonder she has had such success in the Salsa/Bachata scene. She has developed a signature style by incorporating her Classical Dance background into her Latin dancing and the results have been admired and emulated by many.

Ariel Perez

Ariel Perez began his career in dance with extensive training at Onda Latina at the University of Pennsylvania in Salsa. He then went on to train with several world-renowned instructors, including master instructor Juan Calderon. He perfected his craft through continued training, social dancing, and performing.

He then became partners with Christina Piedra, and alongside her Ariel is the Co-Director of the Cultural Explosion Pro Team. He coaches dancers in Salsa, Mambo, Bachata, Cha-Cha-Cha, Afro-Cuban, and all Shines. Under his and Christina's direction Cultural Explosion continues to be one of the most prominent, respected, and sought-after dance teams internationally.

Ariel had been been performing with CX as the principal dancer for about 10 years prior to becoming Co-director, in that time has performed all over the East Coast and in every major nightclub and studio in NJ and NYC, as well in Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, and on several cruise ships. As an instructor, he has taught Salsa for several dance studios in NYC, as well as taught workshops at Congresses all over the world.

His strengths include partner connection, masterful leading, and musicality. He is a patient and thorough instructor that has trained countless dancers, and a passionate performer who truly knows how to make every move look effortless!

Purdue Salsa Club Fall 2018 Classes!

Passionate about dancing, or maybe just looking for a fun way to exercise and meet new people but missed this semester's callouts? Feel free to stop by at any one of our classes and talk to one of the officers and instructors.

This semester, we are teaching Beginner's Salsa, Intermediate Salsa, Bachata as well as workshops introducing a variety of other Latin dances. Check out our schedule below for more information.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Juan Calderon

Juan Calderon is a world known dance instructor/choreographer/performer and entrepreneur. What sets him apart from other instructors is his background in both his formal education and dance. Juan studied business management at Seton Hall University which set his foundation to build the Cultural Explosion brand. He treated his dance company and school like a fortune 500 company using the same techniques that work in the world of business but translating them into the world of dance.

When it comes to his dance education, Juan went the unconventional route of learning multiple styles of dance at the same time. While a college student he took a part time job at United Airlines to fly to major cities to train with the top Salsa instructors around the world. This education of multiple styles put Juan at an immediate advantage since he was able to teach, perform and social dance different styles as soon as he entered the convention circuit. Since different cities had different markets of which style is mostly used, Juan put himself in the position of being easily marketable regardless of what style was preferred by the hosting city.

Juan is a master instructor on Salsa On 1, Salsa On 2, Rueda De Casino, LA Style, NY Style, Miami Style and Puerto Rican Style. In addition Juan has also added to his repertoire Bachata, Sensual Bachata, Bachata Fusion, Kizomba, Urban Kiz, Kizomba Fusion, Zouk, Zoukchata, Zouk Fusion. In the biggest Bachata Congress in the United States (the Washington DC Bachata Congress), Juan had the most packed workshop of the weekend in 2015 and his class was so well attended it was chosen by the Washington Post Newspaper to be featured. Photos of his lesson were printed in the newspaper and have helped Bachata spread even further in the United States.

Juan and his dancers gained worldwide recognition very quickly which set the stage for Juan's first DVD. Juan's first instructional DVD became an overnight sensation and climbed to the highest sales on Amazon.com over many well known instructional videos. This allowed Juan Calderon and Cultural Explosion to enter the world of international dance conventions and tours of North America, Latin America & Europe, since his DVD was being sold around the world at Barnes & Nobles, Target, Walmart and through the internet. In a few years Juan earned 4 lifetime achievement awards from some of the world's biggest and most famous Latin Dance Conventions including the East Coast Salsa Congress & West Coast Salsa Congressos (in Los Angeles California by Albert Torres). Which at the time were the 2 biggest Latin Dance events in the USA.

Most recently Juan has added to his thorough teaching style a holistic approach which takes elements from other disciplines. How has this impacted his teaching and his relevance in the world of Latin Dance? Well, in the last 2 years Juan has been to over 30 countries spreading his style of dance, instruction and philosophy. He not only teaches workshops to the public but also has trained instructors in 6 continents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salsa?

Salsa is a distillation of several Latin and Afro-Caribbean dances. Subtle hip movements and intimate dance positions make Salsa a sexy dance.

Can the club teach my group/party? Who should I contact?

Certainly, just contact us through our site (at the bottom) or at purduesalsa@gmail.com.

Do I need to have dance experience?

Not at all! We teach Salsa classes for all levels.

Do I need to have a partner?

No, we are a social dance club - we dance with many partners. You are welcome, however, to invite your friends!

How do I join the club?

Just come to our callouts or any class and pay your dues. We'll give you your membership card, and you're in!

How much does it cost to join?

Dues are $35 for one semester, or $60 for the full year. Make checks payable to "Purdue Salsa Club"

When and where are classes?

For class times and locations, check our calendar. In case of changes or for reminders, we suggest you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or subscribe to our mailing list (bottom of the page)

I missed callouts or half the semester - is it too late to join?

Not at all! Just come to one of our classes and talk to our instructors.