Richard Schweickert

Professor of Psychological Sciences, Purdue University


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Office: Peirce 365 A

West Lafayette, IN 47907
Phone: 765 494 7986
Fax: 765 496 1264

Ph.D. (1979) University of Michigan (Psychology)
M.A. (1972) Indiana University (Mathematics)
B.A. (1968) University of Santa Clara (Mathematics, Honors Program)


Research focuses on discovering the organization of mental processes through analysis of reaction times and accuracy, and on understanding working memory.  Other interests are Human Factors, social networks and dreams.

Editorial Positions

Editor (2001-2004)
Journal of Mathematical Psychology

Associate Editor (1993-1998)
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review

Consulting Editor

Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, (1985-1989, 1991-1994).

Journal of Mathematical Psychology, (1986- )

Society memberships

Some Publications Representative of Research Interests

Schweickert, R. (1978).  A critical path generalization of the additive factor method: Analysis of a Stroop task.  Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 18, 105-139.

Schweickert, R. (1993). A multinomial processing tree model for degradation and redintegration in immediate recall. Memory & Cognition, 21, 168-175.

Schweickert, R., Fisher, D. L. & Proctor, R. W. (2003). Steps toward building mathematical and computer models from cognitive task networks.  Human Factors, 45, 77-103.

Schweickert, R.  (2007).  The organization of memory for people:  Evidence from dream reports.  Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 14, 270-276. 


Purdue University

Properties of the Organization of Memory for People: Evidence from Dream Reports

Errata for Properties of the Organization of Memory


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