Purdue Science Olympiad

Host of the Indiana Regional Tournament

February 13, 2016


Tournament Schedule

We plan to follow a similar schedule to the Indiana State Tournament such that all event conflicts are identical.

What is Science Olympiad?

Science Olympiad is a national non-profit organization that hosts tournaments at the middle school and high school level; these tournaments consist of a collection of 23 events covering many topics in STEM. The general categories include: life, personal, and social sciences; earth and space sciences; physical sciences and chemistry; technology and engineering; and inquiry and the nature of science. This broad range of topics provides a suitable fit for any student interested in the STEM fields. The competition levels are invitational, regional, state, and national; schools may compete in many of these tournaments hosted throughout the nation. Purdue University is proud to host a Regional Tournament and support Science Olympiad.

About the Purdue University Science Olympiad Club

The Purdue Science Olympiad Club was initiated by previous Science Olympiad competitors who are devoted to supporting and increasing awareness of STEM fields for K-12 students. Progress toward this overarching goal is primarily achieved through hosting and supporting Science Olympiad competitions throughout the state of Indiana. As a club, we strive to provide fun and challenging opportunities to test students’ knowledge and help them become more engaged in STEM areas. In addition to bolstering support for STEM fields, the Science Olympiad competitions enables student to learn team-building skills and promote cultural awareness while maintaining the spirit of competition.


Tournament Director

Scott Nelson



John Hemmerling



Mufaddal Udaipurwala



Narci Huang