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Purdue Science Olympiad

Host of the Indiana Regional Tournament

February 4, 2017

Announcements and Updates

February 6, 2017: Thank you to all the teams who participated in the Regional competition this past Saturday! The results have been posted on the Past Results tab.

January 23, 2017: A map highlighting the buildings where events, homerooms, and the award ceremony are being held is below.

Campus Map

A pdf version of the map can be found here. Please print out a copy of the map for the competition.

January 19, 2017: For Aerial Scrambler (Division B), two time slots have been opened for teams to construct their models, one at 9:50-10:40 AM and the other at 10:55-11:45 AM. There is no online sign up, but participants will need to sign in at the time of the event. The time slots for Aerial Scrambler on the building event sign up system are specifically for the testing of the monoplanes. The schedule of events have been updated to reflect these changes.

January 18, 2017: The following room changes have been made and the final schedule of events has been posted.

Trivia Time (Division B): Moved from BCHM 105 to REC 122

Trivia Time (Division C): Moved from BCHM 105 to REC 121

January 13, 2017: The following room changes have been made and the schedule of events has been updated.

Food Science (Division B): Moved to BRWN 2124

Materials Science (Division C): Moved from BRWN 2124 to WTHR 362

January 12, 2017: The building event sign up has been opened. It will close on January 27, 2017 at 12 AM. An email should have been sent out to the coaches with the username and password information. If you have any problems or did not receive an email with the login information, email Allison at chaua@purdue.edu. Additionally, the schedule of events has been updated. Check the Forms tab for the updated schedule. Clarifications about Hovercraft have been posted on the Rule Clarifications tab.

The link for Division B is esus.us/purdue2017/b/

The link for Division C is esus.us/purdue2017/c/

January 11, 2017: On the day of the tournament, sign-in will be located at the Stanley Coulter (SC) lobby and impound will occur at the location of the event from 7:30 - 8:30 AM. Impound and sign-in should be complete by 8:30 AM. Additionally, the Waiver, Release and Hold Harmless Agreement and the Code of Conduct forms have been posted on the Forms tab.

January 8, 2017: The schedule of events has been posted on the Forms tab. The event rooms are subject to change but the event times will not change. Additionally, the homeroom information has also been posted on the Forms tab.

December 24, 2016: Hello teams! We have been working the past week to get you the schedule of events, which will be posted shortly on the Forms tab. In the following schedules, event times will not change, only minor changes to event rooms may occur (primarily to the few marked with the lab footnote). Additionally, the build event signup system will be up in the very near future. A link to the site will be posted on this website. Lastly, we have decided to have a fun little extra competition: since we will be holding just one trial event, Trivia Time, for both divisions, the team whose representatives in this event do the best for each division will win a "fitting, special, and highly sought after" prize. We wish you all the best of luck, and happy holidays! More updates will be posted in the upcoming days/weeks.

The Regional Tournament will be held Saturday, February 4, 2017

Campus Map

An interactive general campus map can be found here.

Parking Information

Cars: Most of the parking at Purdue is by permit on the weekdays but open on the weekends. You must check posted signs on each space to make sure that parking is allowed. Some of the parking garages are the Grant Street Garage, the University Street Garage, and the Northwestern Avenue Garage.

Bus Parking: Buses will park for the day at the Discovery Park lot. The parking lot is adjacent to this address: Purdue Village Administration Bldg, West Lafayette, IN 47906. See map.

Bus Drop Off: Buses should drop students off at the Oval Drive along the curb by the Recitation Building (REC) or Stanley Coulter Hall (SC), where homerooms will be located. Buses must drop students off and leave immediately as there is no parking in this lot. The address for this drop off location is: Oval Dr, West Lafayette, IN. Refer to the campus map.

Bus Loading: Buses can go to the same location as the drop off to load up materials before the award ceremony. After loading, buses must go back to the Discovery Park lot until after the award ceremony.

Bus Pick Up: Buses can stage along the outer yellow curb of Oval Drive on Memorial Mall. The first bus to arrive must pull all the way down in front of Stone Hall (STON) almost to State Street. Do not stop at the Class of 1950 Lecture Hall (CL50). Other buses must pull up directly behind this first bus. Fire hydrants and ADA ramps must remain unobstructed. Only the first 15 buses will fit along Oval Drive. The remainder of the buses need to park on Marsteller Street, south of State Street. Teams can either walk over to them, or the buses can pull up into Oval Drive as spaces open up. Please do not park in front of Stewart Center (STEW) along Memorial Mall Drive.

Tournament Schedule

All event conflicts at this tournament are identical to those found in the schedule for the Indiana State Tournament. The schedules are considered tentative and are subject to changes.

Purdue University Science Olympiad Club