What is Shreve Club?

Shreve Club is the student organization of Shreve Hall, responsible for creating events and activities for the benefit of our residents. Our goal is to make Shreve the best possible place for you to live, and we welcome all residents to help us continue our pursuit of excellence.

Each week, our General Assembly meets to propose and vote on new ideas that benefit the residents of Shreve Hall. Our annual budget of about $32,000 gives us a lot of flexibility to achieve this through hall and campus events (some of which are listed at right), through the purchase of equipment for hall use (like speakers, projectors, and sports equipment), and by supporting and participating in initiatives throughout the Purdue community (such as Homecoming and Grand Prix). In other words, Shreve Club can help make your great ideas a reality.

Every Shreve resident is automatically a member and can attend these weekly meetings to help decide what we do. Those who wish to officially represent their floor communities can become Senators, while those who wish to represent all of Shreve can join the Executive Board.

In short, Shreve Club gives you the opportunity to become a leader within your community!

What do we do?

Here are just a few of the things that we've done in the past...

  • Paintball at CPX Sports in Joliet, IL
  • Ski Trip to Perfect North in Lawrenceburg, IN
  • Semi-Formal Dance at Ross-Ade Press Box
  • Dodgeball Tournaments
  • Karaoke Nights
  • Laser Tag

...and we have more great events planned for this year!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the weekly meetings like?

The weekly meetings last about an hour. Floors convene at each table and the executive board makes general announcements. Then, any member can propose an idea for an activity in the hall, on campus, or at another city/park/attraction. He/she will typically state the location, date, and cost, as well as request any necessary help. Members may also propose ideas for new equipment purchases (such as a new projector). The club then votes on each idea and, if passed, allocates funds for the event or purchase. Members may also participate in community-building activities or learn about initiatives taking place throughout Purdue.

Who leads Shreve Club?

Shreve Club is led by a 12-member executive board that includes 4 cabinet members. The board oversees the club's operations, budget, and equipment. In addition to the general meetings, board members attend an extra weekly meeting to discuss the state of the club and work toward its yearly goals.

Who are the senators?

Senators are club members chosen each year by RAs to represent their floor. There are two senators from each floor community who are required to attend each weekly meeting in order to vote, plan, and organize with the club. Senators are distinguished from other members as a result of their official recognition within Shreve and from Purdue staff, as well as their extra involvement in Shreve Club activities. Senators receive numerous benefits for their work, such as the opportunity to participate in leadership retreats.

How do I join Shreve Club?

By living in Shreve Hall! All hall residents are already members who may propose ideas and vote at weekly meetings. If you are interested in attending our weekly meetings, simply come and join a table.

Those who are interested in becoming senators should attend our callout during the first week of school and speak with their RA.

Where can I find the Shreve Club Constitution and other documents?

All of these documents are available here, in the Documents section of our website.

There's something I'm still not sure of. Who do I talk to?

For inquiries about Shreve Club, you may contact our secretary at secretary@shreveclub.org.

General Hall Questions

What can I rent at the front desk?

The most up-to-date list of items is available in a binder at the Shreve Hall front desk.

How do I know whether my package has arrived?

You will receive a message at your Purdue email address once your package has arrived. You may retrieve it at the mailroom window or at the front office with your PUID.

How often should I check my mailbox?

Please remember to check your mailbox at least once a week as a courtesy to your mailbox partner.

Where can I make BoilerExpress deposits?

You can check your balance and make deposits online with a credit card at the BoilerExpress eAccounts Portal. Note that a $3 fee will be charged for making a deposit online. You may also make a cash or check deposit at certain residence hall locations for no additional charge. More information and a list of locations is available at the front desk. Please note that the front desk cannot make BoilerExpress deposits.

What can I do if I have Internet trouble in my room?

Please contact ResNet at 765-494-2200. You may also look here for more information.

What can I do if I have a maintenance problem in my room?

Please see the Fix My Home website.

How can I print to ITaP printers from my personal computer?

A great deal of information, including instructions for connecting to the printers, is available at GoldAnswers.