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I purchased a 1960 Ford Anglia 106E (a 105E, but left hand drive) for my wife who is a huge Harry Potter fan. Until buying the car I did not realize just how had it is to find parts to restore a foreign car. So I decide to put together this page to help American (and North American) owners find parts and info on these great little cars.


Now available!

Ford Anglia 1959-68 Workshop Manual on CD

New Anglia 1959/- Spare Parts List on CD

A Scan from the Feburary 2000 edition of Collectible Automobile magazine:1960-67 Ford Anglia: Angle By Engel (.pdf file)

1960 Anglia Road Test from Motor Life April 1960

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Tune-Up Charts for English Ford (1963-67 Anglia, 1963-64 Consul 315, 1963-65 Consul Capri, 1963-67 Cortina)

Most repair manuals for the Anglia are out of print, but may be found on amazon or ebay.

Ford Anglia 105E, Prefect 107E 1959-67 Autobook, by Philip H. Smith, Autopress LTD.
Available at Amazon

Ford Anglia 105E Owners Workshop Manual by S. F. Page Available at Amazon

U.S Suppliers

Kip Motor Company (Dallas Texas, U.S.) ask for the "The Orphan Book" catalog

Dave Bean Engineering 105 Engine parts (California, US)

Snijders English Ford Parts English Ford Parts (California, US)

Overseas suppliers

Scott's Old Auto Rubber 105E replacement rubber parts (AU)

NewFord Parts Centere 105E parts(UK)

Smith And Deakin Plastics Fiberglass 105E Body panels (UK)

East Kent Trim Supplies Rubber weather stripping and headliners(UK)

Old Ford Auto Services Reproduction Fibreglass Products, Superflex Suspension Bushes(UK)

Ex-pressed Steel Panels Limited Steel Reproduction body Panels(UK)

105Speed Parts for both modifying and modernising the Ford Anglia 105e (UK)

Small Ford Spares Specialist in classic Ford parts (UK)

Ford Anglia Owners Club (UK) unfortunatly due to liability issues they can not sell parts (spares) outside the UK.

Vintage Supplies Ltd. Great diagrams! (UK)

Holden Vintage and Classic Lucas spare parts Electrical and accessories (lenses, hubcaps, oil filers) (UK)


Ford Anglia Deluxe 106E Project, looking for parts (US)

Ford Anglia Register of Norway

Site is dedicated to the Ford Anglia 105E Lots of great info and pics (UK)

Web resource for the Ford Anglia 105E Great articles and tec info (UK)

Internet Movie Car Database a few anglia sightings

Discussion groups

The Early Cortina and Anglia Group
Ford Anglia 105E Owners Club

105 Speed Parts and info

Other Info

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