Jianxin (Jason) Sun

Ph.D Student

School of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Purdue University

Mail Box 447

465 northwestern Avenue

West Lafayette, IN 47907-2035, USA

Phone: (402) 218-9309

E-Mail: sun287@purdue.edu


Mr. Jianxin Sun received his B.S degrees in Electronic and Information Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), Harbin, China, in 2008. He received his Master degree in CEEN from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA, in 2012. He is now pursuing Ph.D degree of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the Purdue University, U.S. He also is now working as a teaching assistant.

Research Interest:

Wireless Communication and Sensor Networks
Multimedia Communications and Networking
Embedded Systems and Computer Networking
Green Computing, Battery Energy Storage and Power Management
Dynamic power, thermal and performance management of multiprocessor system-on-chip
Biomedical Engeneerring and Robot Assisted Surgery


[1] Jianxin Sun, Song Ci. "Dynamic Frequency Scaling for Energy Efficiency Optimization on Wireless Sensor Node under Ambient Thermal Parameter". IEEE Globecom 2012. Submitted.

[2] Jianxin Sun, Dalei Wu, Song Ci. "Battery Capacity Footprinting and Optimization Analysis for Wireless Multimedia Communication". IEEE Globecom 2011

[3] Jianxin Sun, Xueyi Wang, Song Ci. "Battery-aware Multimedia Coding Optimization by Dynamic Frequency Scaling". IEEE ICCCN 2011 on ETMEC, 2011.

[4] Jianxin Sun, Dalei Wu and Song Ci. "Battery-aware Wireless Video Delivery". Qshine 2010, Houston, U.S.

[5] Sun Jianxin, Ci Song, Chien Jung-Hung, Park Shi-Hyun, Suh Irene H, Oleynikov Dmitry, and Siu Ka-Shun. "Innovative effector design for simulation training in robotic surgery". BMEI'10, Yantai, China.

[6] Jianxin Sun, "Design of serial communication between SCM and PC", Science and Technology Information, 2008, in China.

[7] Jianxin Sun, "Design of interface between force sensor and SCM", Electronic Test, 2008, in China.

Book Chapters:
[1] Jianxin Sun, Dalei Wu, Jiucai Zhang, Xueyi Wang, and Song Ci, "Energy-Aware Mobile Multimedia Computing". Handbook of Energy-Aware and Green Computing, Chapman & Hall/CRC Press, to appear.


[1] Digital Flow Controller Using Solenoid Valves (with Yifan zhang and Zhenzhong Wang). Finished 2008.

Project & Design Experience:

[1] 2008 FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Used Connector Insert and Withdraw Force Testbed Design and Implementation

[2] 2009 Design and Implementation of Minimally Invasive Surgery Training Robotic Surgery Effector for "da Vinci" Surgical System for University of Nebraska Medical Center

[3] 2009 Multiple Battery Testing Setup by Using Arbin Battery Testing System, Cooperate in Design and Programming of Multi-Cell Battery Package Power Management Platform

[4] 2010 H.264 Video Codec Application on Imote2 Wireless Sensor Node under Linux Embedded System for Wireless Multimedia Communication

[5]2010 Cross-layer Wireless Video Testbed by applying GNU Radio and USRP (Universal Software Radio Peripheral)

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