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     The Tango is a sorrowful thought that can be danced. -- Enrique Santos Discepolo
A world of Tango
About Us

La Milonguera is a student organization at Purdue University devoted to the promotion and enjoyment of everything related to Argentinean Tango. Everyone is welcome!

As part of our interest in Tango, we offer three levels of classes in Tango, Milonga, and Argentine Vals. Classes are open to everyone in the greater Lafayette. Singles and couples are welcome.

In addition to scheduled classes, we organize workshops, field trips, movies, milonga parties, performances, etc.



Want to practice on your own? Find time on our practice calendar

Latest News
Spring Callout
Join us at 8:30 PM Friday, January 24 in STEW 302 to welcome the new semester! We will be holding our callout, followed by our first monthly milonga of the semester

The callout will include a 1 hr presentation includes a performance, a demo class, and a brief intro to the club's activities performed by leading club members.

We are a great, welcoming, and passionate student organization promoting Argentine Tango social dancing that is open to any Greater Lafayette, IN community member: everyone welcome!

  • Wanna meet more men/women in my leisure time: Yes
  • Wanna more emotional experience in my life: Yes
  • Wanna more body awareness and gentle movement: Yes
  • Wanna to relieve stress in a healthy beautiful way: YES
  • Wanna my soul to sing: YES YES
  • Wanna my heart to throb: YES YES YES

  • Do I need any previous experience to start tango?: No
  • I have no partner: No problem
  • I am not a student: NO PROBLEM, neither am I
  • I am too shy/fat/short/whatever: NOT A VALID EXCUSE TO SKIP TANGO
  • I am just busy/fine/intelligent: STILL TRY ARGENTINE TANGO (Engineers love tango)

Our club offers classes of two levels: beginner and intermediate weekly, and occasional advanced classes with visiting professional instructors. We have social dancing most of Fridays during academic sessions and some Saturdays.

Tentative Schedule for the Fall 2013 semester:
Mon 8-10pm Beginner Class
Wed 8-10pm Beginner/Intermediate Class
Fri 8:30pm-12am Practica and/or Social dancing (program varies)
Sat Occasional classes and parties (2-3 per semester)

The membership fee is only $30 per semester.

Come to our CALLOUT to taste the Argentine tango music and dance!
Workshops with Hernan Prieto and Daniela Roig
Workshops with Hernan Prieto and Daniela Roig in West Lafayette, IN, November 15-17, 2013
'Warming your soul in a close tango embrace'

We are excited to announce a full weekend of classes, milongas, and practicas organized by La Milonguera, Argentine Tango Club of Purdue! You will learn from authentic argentine tango teachers who got their training in Buenos-Aires, the very home of argentine tango.
For more information about the instructors visit their website

Locations for classes will be added later, and schedule changes are also possible.
Please pre-register with Sofya by email: to assist in efficiency of check-in, or plan to arrive at least 20 mins before the classes start.

Friday 11/15/13:

7:30p Check in and warm-up practica
8:9:30p W1 Beginners class 'Milonga: understanding the style and rhythm' (All level)
9:30 - 12:30 milonga
Location: STEW 302

Saturday 11/16/13:

2:30-4:00p W2 Finding subtleties in a close embrace and walking (All level)
4:30-6:00p W3 Sequences in a close embrace for the dance floor (Intermediate)
Location: STEW 302

9:00p-1:30a Milonga with a performance by Hernan and Daniela and a guest DJ Shafqat Manzur
Location: Thomas Duncan Community Hall
619 Ferry St, Lafayette, IN
(765) 742-4788 ·


1:30-3:00p W 4 Musicality: Interpretation of different orchestras (Di Sarli - D'Arienzo - Pugliese etc.) (Intermediate/Advanced level)
3:30-5:00p W 5 Milonga: exquisite sequences (Intermediate/Advanced level)
6:30-9p Practica
Location: STEW 306


Discounts for active Purdue Club members:

Friday class is FREE, or $10 for students/$20 non-students OFF the Full pass

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept credit or debit cards.
Please bring cash or check to the event.
Full Pass (Classes only)$50$80
1 day classes $30$45
1 class (a la carte) $20$25
Friday Milonga FreeFree
Saturday Milonga $8$12
Milonga in Indy
This Saturday, 7/20 we will be driving down to Indy for Milonga for a Cause. This event should be an excellent opportunity for all of our beginners to experience Tango in another community and to meet interesting new people. Everyone is encouraged join us! We will be meeting at Vienna at 4pm, have dinner in Indianapolis, attend the beginner class at 7, and the milonga will be from 8 to midnight. Hope to see you all there!
Summer Callout
Join us this Friday, 5/31 at 8:00 pm in PMU South Tower for our Summer Callout! Have you ever wanted to learn to Tango? Have you ever watched Tango in the movies or on TV and wanted to experience the excitement and the passion of real Argentinian Tango? Now you can! Come to our callout and see what it's all about!
Facebook Group:
Purdue La Milonguera Tango Club


Featured Stories
Tango Is a Shared Moment

Tango Is a Shared Moment
interview with Carlos Gavito, at

We dance the music, not the steps. Anybody who pretends to dance well never thinks about the step he's going to do, what he cares about is that he follows the music. You see, we are painters, we paint the music with our feet. Musicians play an instrument and use their fingers, their hands. Dancers use their toes. Read on.

Passion for Tango, West Coast and East

Performance Tango or Milonguero?
collected notes by Susana Miller, published in "El Tangauta"

Two styles of Argentine tango, performance and milonguero, bring about a controversy in the dance community. Some attribute a false dichotomy between these styles. False because, in reality, they are complimentary. In a certain aspect, performance tango and milonguero tango are two sides of the same coin. Read on.

Old people and Tango Old people and Tango
Research article taken from The Society for Neuroscience website, Nov 2005

 A study presented at the Society for Neuroscience national conference in
Washington, DC this week found that "Argentinean tango dancing" is an effective treatment for maintaining a healthy brain. Read on.

Homer Ladas & Christina The New Tango Adopts Hot, Fast Moves - Heavy Beat, Lots of Twists Attract a Younger Crowd; Mr. Ladas's All-Nighters
By Kim-Mai Cutler, The New York Street Journal Europe, Aug 30, 2005

It still takes two to tango, but young urban aficionados have added some surprising new twists to the tradition-bound Argentine dance...This is "neotango", a new millennium version of the dance that was born at the turn of the previous century in the brothels of Buenos Aires. It is booming all over the tango world. Read on.



A Sense of Where You Were
in The Economist, Dec 20, 2001
A toast to life A toast to life
interview with Carlos Gavito, at

Scene: We are sitting at Lalo, one of my favorite restaurants in Buenos Aires and apparently it is also Gavito's because I see him here all the time.  It is no secret that Carlos is battling with cancer.  This fight is acutely visible in his appearance and his weariness.  Read on.

And Still They Tango And Still They Tango
By Alma Guillermoprieto, National Geographic, Dec. 2003

Full of yearning and lament, the tango is perfect therapy for a nation still stinging from economic loss. Music, champagne, beautiful women, gorgeous men, perfume that drifts through the air like a song, songs that linger in the mind like perfume. The union of two bodies transformed into one? Read on.

A Sense of Where You Were

But what is tango? The commonest description "the vertical expression of a horizontal desire - is the least adequate: that applies to nearly all dances. "A sad thought you can dance", a comment on the wall of the National Academy of Tango in Buenos Aires, is closer to the mark, though tango was not always a sad or even a nostalgic music, and can certainly be a joyful one. Read on.

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